1992-2000 Lexus SC 300 400 Daizen Sway Bar Set

1992-2000 Lexus SC 300 400 Daizen Sway Bar Set
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1992-2000 Lexus SC 300 400 Daizen Sway Bar Set
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Dramatically improve handling with no degradation of ride quality. Direct replacement of stock sway bars complete with custom polyurethane bushings for an OE-quality installation.

Sway bars (sometimes referred to as anti-sway bars or stabilizer bars) are designed to improve handling by keeping a vehicle "flat" during cornering. Unless excessively stiff, they do not affect normal ride quality as the sway bars are not acting on the suspension and body in a torsional manner during straight-ahead driving. Heavily upgraded sway bars however, can be detrimental to a vehicle's ride and can actually harm vehicle handling due to noncompliance with the road surface, and even cause damage to the vehicle sway bar mounts or sway bar endlinks.

Daizen Sport Tuning high performance sway bar sets are designed to significantly improve performance by upgrading the torsional stiffness of the sway bars, thereby increasing their ability to effectively resiste the forces that cause a car to "lean" during turns. This is accomplished by increasing the diameter of the sway bar over stock size (and/or the wall thickness with hollow bars) but not to the point that it affects overall ride quality. This ultimately provides a more stable attitude during spirited driving, and most importantly, a predictable response during unexpected emergency maneuvers.

Unsprung weight (and the minimization of it) is absolutely critical to any vehicle's overall handling and braking performance. This term refers to the weight of the wheels, tires, brakes and any other chassis components that are not held up by the vehicle's suspension. Sway bars are one of the heaviest of these unsprung components, and our tubular construction minimizes any adverse effects while still offering optimal anti-torsional characteristics.

Daizen Sport Tuning's adjustable rear sway bars allow the end user to fine tune the vehicle's handling to their personal preference and/or driving style. All of our sway bar sets are adjustable, a feature normally found only on race-type sway bars.

Custom high durometer polyurethane sway bar bushings are included with each set, which provide maximum deflection resistance and allow the sway bars to operate at peak efficiency. Unlike factory rubber bushings, these bushings are not susceptible to cracking or deterioration over time, even with extended periods of hard driving or harsh environments.

The powdercoated finish on our sway bars provides an attractive and functional layer of protection that can easily outlast any type of paint or plating. Powdercoating is a finishing method that uses an electrostatic charge to apply a colored powder to metal parts, which is then cured with a baking process that bonds and seals the coating to the metal's surface. The result is a paint-like finish with superior resistance to chips, scratches and environmental conditions.