SOLD SOLD SOLD 1998 TRD Widebody 6 Speed - 1025HP 31,000 Miles 3.4 Liter Stroker

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1998 TRD Widebody 6 Speed - 1025HP  31,000 Miles 3.4 Liter Stroker
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SOLD SOLD SOLD 1998 TRD Widebody 6 Speed - 1025HP 31,000 Miles 3.4 Liter Stroker
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This car just finished a cover photo shoot for Modified Magazine with the photographer saying this is the best black paint he has ever shot.

One of the rarest and most complete Supra's ever built. The last year of the US Supra was 1998 and this Black on Black low mileage example of a genuine TRD Body Kit Supra is one the best I have seen to date. Car is located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and is available for immediately delivery anywhere in the world. We have shipped cars to the Caribbean, Middle-East, Soviet Union and everywhere inbetween.

This is one of the ninety-four 1998, 6 Speed, Black Supras ever built and only four TRD Widebody versions that we know of in the world. It is also the only 3.4 liter stroker motor 1998 Black Supra we know of in existence.

When we pulled the motor for the 3.4 liter upgrade, we shot the entire engine bay in multi-layer paint matched gloss black with clear coat.

Genuine TRD Body Kit

** 31,000 Original Miles **

Titan 3.4 Liter Stroker Motor

Billet Main Caps with 1/2" L19 Studs ($15000)

Everything that is done to the Street/Race Shortblock is done and more. Special bearings spec'ed out to special clearances depending on your application.

A special oiling system is designed around your application to increase oil pressure at high RPM's which is critical to good engine life.

We also fortify the block with our custom main caps which are much stronger then the stock cast units. We also have special ARP head studs made for those who truely wish to turn the boost up above standard levels. Our motors are built to last at 35+ psi of boost.

When you decide to go with a stroker motor, ask yourself who is racing every weekend and winning. We are the only shop seen that is racing and winning every weekend. That requires reliability in all aspects of the motor. We don't intend for you to race and win once; we want you to do it time and time again.

We custom order pistons for your specific application whether this is a race only motor or if it will see street driven use.

Titan Stage 3 Head Package ($5000)

We start by doing a more aggressive porting/polishing. Oversize valves are mainstay. The intake valves are 1mm oversize, while the exhaust valves are custom cut from blank valve stock for an exact fit and size that yields optimum power.

Once fully outfitted we install our custom shimless buckets which are not available at any ordinary shop. These buckets must be installed for the specific cam that you have, cams must be supplied or purchased and will be set and shimmed for each specific head. This allows you to safely rev above 9000rpm if you so desire. The shimless buckets weigh half the weight of the stock bucket and also prevent from the common shim spitting that can occur with very high revving engines.

The extra attention and detail and custom manufacture of hardcore specific parts makes the Titan Motorsports head package above and beyond other heads that use plain off the shelf parts.

BL Dampener

TRD Radiator Cap

TRD Oil Cap

TRD Sway Bars,


TRD Widebody kit with TRD hood

TRD Wing with Carbon Fiber center

Cusco Front Strut Tower Brace

Cusco Rear Strut Tower Brace

HKS Titanium 102mm Exhaust

HKS 272 Cams

HKS Manifold (coated)


HKS Wastegate

HKS Front mount intercooler

HKS blow off valves (2 of them)

Greddy Turbo Timer

TRD 10,000 RPM Tachometer

Defi Oil Pressure Gauge

Defi Oil Temperature Gauge

Defi EGT Gauge

Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge

Defi Boost Gauge

White Face gauges

AEM Computer

AEM Wide Band O2

AEM Ignition Box

AEM Cam gears

Sparco Pedal Covers

Precision 74 MM turbo

Twin intank Walbro pumps

Upgraded fuel line from the pumps to the rail

1000 CC injectors

SP fuel Rail

SP Intake manifold

SP Fuel Rail Cover

Full Polishing and chrome (piping, cam covers, fuel rail cover, turbo, etc.)

MVP relay box, brake, power steering, washer and clutch reservoir polished covers

Ksport Coilovers

Iforged Astras with Anthracite centers and Chrome lips

(19X13 rears

19X10 fronts)

Pirelli Assimetrico Pzero Rossos (355/25/19's rears, 275/30/19's fronts)

HID Xenon Lights Low and Highs

HID Xenon Driving Lights

Clarion DVD player with remote

Clarion CD Player with DVD screen with remote

Clarion DVD screen with rear view camera

Boston Accoustic Mids and tweeters

JL Subs

Custom Enclosure for subs with TRD logo

JL Amps (2 one for subs and one for the mids and highs)

Optima battery

Battery Relocated to the trunk

Built in K40 Radar detector

WOTM 6 puck Clutch

Polished Cover Over Intercooler

AP 6 piston Brakes up front

Polished upper radiator pipe

Rear View Camera

On and On and On..................