SOLD SOLD SOLD 2001 Viper GTS 1500 HP Heffner Twin-Turbo

SOLD SOLD SOLD 2001 Viper GTS 1500 HP Heffner Twin-Turbo
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SOLD SOLD SOLD 2001 Viper GTS 1500 HP Heffner Twin-Turbo
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Why do we have Vince Lucas Modified Luxury & Exotic Car Magazine Cover 2001 Viper GTS for sale? Simple. Vince is a friend and a long-time Supra owner and who doesn't like 1500HP of every-day driveable horsepower???

The remaining details are forthcoming, but below you will find a list of what makes this Heffner Performance manufactured, built and tuned Viper Twin Turbo tick! The car will make 1100HP on 91 Premium Unleaded Gas!!! Click on the magazine article link below to read all about this car. Currently available in sunny Phoenix Arizona. Call me direct.

Stage 3 Twin Turbo System:

System Contents:

- Twin Ball Bearing 72mm

- 1 3/4" Stainless Steel Turbo Headers

- 2 3" Turbo Downpipes

- Two Tial 46mm Turbo Wastegates

- Two Tial 50mm Blow Off Valves

- Mandrel Bent High Flow Intercooler Plumbing

- Polished Stainless Steel Throttle Body Plumbing

- High Flow Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler

- "T" Style Turbo Discharge Clamps

- High Pressure Intercooler Plumbing Connectors

- Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

- Turbo Oil Feed Lines and Fittings

- Turbo Oil Drain Lines and Fittings

- Speed Based Programmable Boost Controller

- High Temperature Silicone Wastegate Control Lines

- All Necessary Vacuum Tees and Hoses

- High Flow Turbo Inlet Plumbing

- Dual High Flow K&N Air Filters

- High Flow Fuel Rails

- High Flow 96 Lb.Hr. Fuel Injectors

- Upgraded Fuel Injector Conectors

- Colder Heat Range Spark Plugs

- Custom Made Aluminum Turbo Heat Shields

- Crankcase Breather Tank

- Crankcase Breather Lines and Fittings

- High Flow 1500 Hp External Fuel Pump

- High Flow External Fuel Filter

- Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

- Underhood Fuel Pressure Gauge

- Upgraded Fuel Feed and Return Lines

- Rubber Fuel Pump Mounts For Quiet Operation

- Aluminum Fuel Fittings

- Fuel Pump Relay and Wiring

- Engine Oil

- Engine Oil Filter

- Antifreeze

- Professional Installation and Chassis Dyno Tuning

- AEM Engine Management System

- AEM InjectorDriver Box

Engine Work:

- 510 Cubic Inch Stroker Engine

- Custom Forged Aluminum Dished 8.5:1 Compression Pistons

- Heavy Duty Wrist Pins

- Childs & Albert High Performance Piston Rings

- Clevite "H" Series Connecting Rod Bearings

- MOPAR Main Bearings

- 6.200" Billet Steel Connecting Rods

- Offset Grinding and Polishing of Crankshaft

- Line Hone Inspected and Machined as Necessary

- Balancing of Rotating Assembly

- Boring and Honing of Engine Block

- Custom Ground Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

- High Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters

- Ported Cylinder Head Upgrade

- Ported and Polished Intake and Exhaust Runners

- Polished Combustion Chambers

- Bronze Valve Guides

- Teflon Valve Seals

- Three Angle Competition Valve Job

- Heavy Duty Valve Springs

- Titanium Valve Retainers

- 2.02" Stainless Steel Intake Valves

- 1.60" Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves

- T&D 1.7 Ratio Shaft Mounted Roller Rockers

- High Performance .080" Thick Chromoly Pushrods

- Billet Steel Main Caps

- ARP Main Studs, Nuts & Washers

- ARP Head Studs

- Extrude Honed Intake Manifold

- Billet Aluminum 70mm Throttle Bodies

- Professional Inspection and Assembly of Engine

ADDITIONAL UPGRADES: Brakes, I-Forged 19" Wheels, Twin hoop rollcage, Borla Exhuast...