2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460

2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460
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2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460
2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460
2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460

2JZGTE (GE) 1JZGTE Torque Hone Plate Rental $80 or Purchase for $460
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SupraStore.com is now offering a 2JZGTE(GE) torque plate rental service for those that want to properly hone the cylinders on the 2JZGTE engine. It also fits the 2JZGE non-turbo blocks, as well as the 1JZGTE motors.

Any serious engine builder will tell you, especially given the length of the inline 6 engine, that you need a torque plate in order to provide a similar stress pattern on the block that it experiences with the head on the block.

Some builders even go as far as putting an old head gasket between the block and plate, then go through a standard Toyota pattern for torquing down the bolts.

This is a precision machined torque plate, manufactured out of 2.0" (50.8mm) thick 6061 T6 aluminum (precision CNC'd by a large aerospace machine shop). Aluminum is chose as it best replicates stress and strain coefficients of expansion during torquing that the factory aluminum head does.

It has an overbore that will allow for the largest hone/bore possible, so if you are building a stock bore or big bore, it isn't an issue.

The bolt through-holes are clearanced for 1/2" (.500") head studs, which allows you the flexibility to run a factory diameter or 1/2" diameter head stud, all according to the factory head stud location. It is shipped in a sturdy container for protection.

People charge up to $800 for these units, so we thought rental program would be a great service to offer our customers or an outright purchase for a fair price!

The price listed here is for 7 days rental, which starts the day you receive the 2JZGTE torque plate and is completed the day you ship it (back) to us. Please note that if the torque plate is not returned within 14 business days, we will keep the charge complete the purchase. If returned after that date we will pro-rate the return at 10 dollars a day.

There is a deposit of $395 required at the time of order, which you select from the drop down menu. Deposit is 100% refunded upon return of the 2JZ-GTE torque plate in good condition.

Please time your engine build ,so that you have the torque plate for 7 days or less, as we have many customers who utilize the service and schedule their builds accordingly. The customer is responsible for shipping to and from SupraStore.com.

Torque plates are available for purchase as well at $460 total. Simply select this option in the drop down menu; why pay almost double for the same exact product? You can expect it to ship next day typically, as we have one on the shelf at all times!

These are available for shipment outside the USA if required. Please email sales@suprastore.com for a freight quote.

Small Print: We only have one rental unit available, so as stated please plan your machining accordingly, as the plate must be shipped from you to us on the 8th day after receiving from us. If you cannot ship back on that date, we must charge you an additional $80 fee for each week. Return shipment needs to be via insured carrier like UPS or FEDEX, and you must provide us tracking information.

We are providing this as a low-cost service, but want to make sure all our customers have access to this service. We appreciate your effort in working with us on this.

A torque or honing plate is critical when doing the hone/bore process on any 2JZ engine build, especially those that will be running 30psi+ boost and those running ARP head studs. Performance studs are typically torqued at much high values than standard OEM studs, which causes a deflection in the cylinders, if not using a torque plate.

To best illustrate this we have an excellent video below showing a Mitsubishi motor with a torque plate mounted, as to why you need to do this on your motor. It is even more important on the long inline 6 engines.