AB Flug Hood (replica)

We have the famous Aerogear AB Flug replica hood as seen in the latest Supra Street Magazine (okay Super Street). This unit is in heavy fiberglass for rigidity and is hand fabricated and masterfully finished in the USA! After seeing these in person for the first time, I put one on my car!! The quality is shockingly good and please sit down when you see our price!!! One of the great things about this hood, is it looks great even without a body kit.

The hood is made from fiberglass (very good quality), and it fits well. It has larger spacing on the side where it meets the fenders than the stock hood, but it is evenly spaced and after the hood is on the car for an hour, it looks bad-ass.

Please note that I wouldn't put any junk on my car, and this my friend is not junk. It uses the two front hooks for securing the hood (not center latch). Because it does not utilize the center latch, some people use hood pins (which look great in my opinion). My black Supra is not using hood pins at this time. Gel-coat finish.

Photo of Mark Tozer's Supra with the AB-FLUG (replica) Hood.

Shipping is $125 in the Continental USA (if shipped to a business) and $170 if shipped to a residence.