Alignment 1993.5 to 1998 Supra

One of the common problems of the 1993.5 to 1998 Supra's are the inside rear tire wear issue with the factory Toyota alignment spec's.

At we have taken customer feedback from those that have auto-crossed, track raced, drag raced and wanted a more aggressive performance related alignment.

There are a few Supra alignment spec's floating around the NET, which are generally good. The factory specification is listed below as well as a good universal alignment spec, which increases performance and tire wear is reduced in the rear.



• Camber - 0.5 degrees +/- 0.75

• Caster +3.5 +/- 0.75 degrees

• Toe 0.00 +/- 0.80" (2 mm)


• Camber -1.50 +/- 0.75

• Toe 3.0mm Toe In +/- 0.080" (2mm)

Most any quality alignment shop or your local Toyota dealer can maintain the factory alignment specification on your Supra. However, if you go with the performance alignment specification this will require you to find someone in your locale who can perform a "hand-alignment" as these new spec's will NOT be able to be met by 99% of those that use computerized machines for alignment. Check your local yellow pages or ask around at any auto-x or road racer where they get their manual alignments done.

Tire wear is most affected by toe-in settings so make SURE your alignment tech provides a document regarding the spec that was ACTUALLY achieved.

Performance Alignment Specification


• Camber - 1.0 degrees

• Caster + 4.5 degrees

• Toe 0.00 (mm)


• Camber -1.5 degrees

• Toe In 1.0 mm