APEXi Super AFC - Fuel Controller

APEXi Super AFC - Fuel Controller
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APEXi Super AFC - Fuel Controller
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If you notice the Swift Racing Intake for the Lexus IS300 comes with it's inclusive ECU daughter-board for adjusting and maximizing horsepower based upon changing ECU input signals to compensate for the added air flow created with an after-market performance intake system.

The RMM intake does not provide such a ECU modifying daughter board, but here at SupraStore.com we are suggesting that you procure the incredible APEXi S-AFC fuel controller to compliment the RMM intake. This fully adjustable and user programmable fuel controller with its incredible blue display unit will allow you to adjust the fuel curve to get the maximum gains from your IS300 with the RMM intake.

A great buy when purchased with the RMM INTAKE. Complete tuning instructions included via email upon order.