Blitz Z2 - Supra Fitment 18 x 9 and 18 x 10 - NOT AVAIL.

There are only a few sets of Z2's currently on Supras in America and they have that gorgeous deep dish that is famous on Blitz wheels. If you are considering Racing Hart M5's then these are almost the same look with a much better dish.

These are 18 x 9 fronts and 18 x 10 for the rears and of course at this price there are no tires. Tires are available at additional cost.

We suggest 245 or 255's upfront and you can run 275/285 or 295 30/35 in the rear.

These fit Supras, Lexus, RX7's and Z's. PRICE OF COURSE DOES NOT INCLUDE TIRES