BPU™ - What Does It Mean?

Basic Performance Upgrade™ (BPU™). This terms was coined by our founder Mark Tozer to best describe the basic set of performance modifications on a 1993-1998 Twin Turbo Supra. Instead of having to type out every basic mod a car had, we came up with this term. In it's simplest form it describes a Supra that is running elevated boost. In more detailed form the original BPU™ consisted of the following modifications:

I. Downpipe. The downpipe replaces the factory CATS and allows for quicker turbo spooling and 1-2 psi of boost increase. Good for around 35-40 HP.

II. Aftermarket Exhaust. Anytime you can free-up exhaust energy in a turbo car it is a good thing. The factory 2JZGTE engine with the BPU™ mods can flow quite a bit of exhaust gasses. Most aftermarket CAT-Back exhausts are good for around 15HP+ on a BPU™ Supra running 18psi of boost.

III. Elevated Boost (17-18psi+). The major gain in HP and torque (up to 440rwhp and 410 ft.lbs of torque to the wheels) comes when you increase the boost in a Twin Turbo Supra. Increasing the boost can be done via a manual bleeder which allows for higher boost, but no control over boost levels. Manual boost controller, which uses a manual valve for adjusting boost levels (non-electronic). Electronic Boost Controller (most popular), which allows for in-cabin adjustment and regulation of boost pressure.

IV. Boost Cut Controller (BCC). The GReddy BCC is an electronics interceptor device that modifies the manifold pressure signal (boost) to the factory ECU. The Toyota factory ECU in the 2JZGTE Supra has a factory imposed fuel-cut at 1 bar (14.7 psi) of boost. The BCC is adjustable and alters the factory fuel-cut level so higher boost can be run.

Those four items are the foundation of the original BPU™ FAQ written for MKIV and typically produce anywhere from 440-500 HP (crankshaft) on both automatic and 6 speed 2JZGTE equipped cars. Numbers vary upon state of tune and vehicle condition but the formula works and is run in hundreds upon hundreds of Supras. This BPU™ term has become so popular throughout the world and the NET that it is often quoted in magazines and even by other car owners when describing a Supra TT.

Trademark protection for BPU™ has been filed for by SupraStore.com.