How Good Is The Factory Twin Turbo BOV ?

Many people ask if the 1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo blow off valve (bov) must be replaced when modifying the car. This is a very good question.

Answer: Generally speaking if the factory bov is not leaking under heavy boost in a BPU car, then it should be okay as far as holding boost. However, the main purpose of the BOV is to prevent turbocharger compressor surge and eventhough those two little turbos can only put out X amount of air at say 18psi, that is alot of air for the factory BOV to let off on a rountine basis. While it is not mandatory to replace it should be considered simply to help minimize compressor surge related BOV failures.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to an aftermarket blow off valve for your Supra when you begin to run higher than factory boost. We have a wide selection to meet your budget and performance needs here at