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HKS Parts

HKS Parts

HKS Parts from SupraStore.com. If you are looking for HKS Parts with professional expertise in all cars, then you have come to the right place.

We may focus on Supra's but we know HKS Parts, have traveled to Japan many times, visited where all HKS Parts are manufactured and toured the HKS Kansai Tuning center.

SupraStore.com has shipped HKS Parts to all six continents (we didn't forget Antartica) and will continue to support the global HKS Parts market place.

We are your source for HKS Parts and products of every type. HKS Parts are known as the highest quality of all Japanese performance parts and we agree.

HKS Parts turbo manifolds are works of art and showcase HKS Japan and their ability to design and develop HKS Parts that exceed expectations.

If you do not see the HKS Parts you are looking for, please email us or call at your convenience.

Please note that HKS USA has closed it's warehouse in the USA, but they do have a wholesale only distribution facility located in California, which we can buy from at very aggressive pricing.

Because of the shift to a new business model in the USA, it can take a bit longer for some parts to arrive.