How Do I Sell My Car On

When you want to reach the ultimate target audience for the sale of your Supra then look no further! Over 1,000,000 (1 Million) people a month read our Supras For Sale Section and this is your best bet at selling a car, especially if it is a modified version.

We are now offering a classified advertisement service for anyone who wants to list their Supra here. We have two programs working.

A. $75.00 you will received a text description of up to 500 words, up to 10 photos and it will run for 6 weeks! Compare that to the Autotrader!

B. $125.00 you will receive a text description of up to 1500 words, up to 15 photos and it will run for 8 weeks!


O-1. Web Link

We can also provide a link to any website of your choice which may further draw interest to your vehicle. Many would like to have a video or additional information liked to their ad. This option is available for an additional $25 per advertisement period. This is an excellent means of driving traffic to your linked site as well.

O-2. Front Page Feature Advertisement

For the ultimate in visibility your ad can be featured on the front page of for it's entire run length at only a $100.00 additional charge. We limit the number of total featured ads on our front page and this space is highly valuable to

Question:How do I place my ad and get started?

Answer: Follow these simple steps

1. Prepare your vehicle description. You can use some of our other advertisers ads as a reference to see what works. Make sure you provide both your email and best contact telephone number as well as the city/state where you vehicle is located.

2. Prepare your vehicle digital photos (up to 1.0 meg resolution per photo). Most buyers want to see every angle of the car, inside the car, the engine bay and close ups of any special features or flaws. 10 photos in total is what you receive for you $75 package.

3. Total your advertisment costs and send your payment along with your information from item's 1&2 above to We can accept Visa, Mastercard or Paypal for the advertisement. For Paypal, simply email us and we will send you the paypal request or provide our Paypal details. We are using Gmail for the file transfers at is readily accepts attachments up to 25meg.

If you do not have all of your pictures ready, but want to get your advertisement out there that is not a problem as well allow adding pictures and/or changing text up to two times per each ad run, so lets get going!

Commission Structure (works on the honor system):

Vehicles that sell directly because of a lead or inquiry pay a simple commission based upon the final sales price.

$0 to $9,999 commission is $100

$10,000 to $29,999 commission is $250

$30,000 to $39,999 commission is $500

$40,000 to $59,999 commission is $750

$60,000-$79,999 commission is $1000

$80,000-$99,999 commission is $1500

$100,000+ commission is $2000 or 3%, whichever is higher, depending on the price

If you have any questions please email