How Strong is the MkIV Supra Drivetrain?

6 speed trans we already discussed in another section, bullet-proof. Stock clutch assembly is good for around 500hp with the factory disk. Many run the factory dual mass flywheel to 800hp+ while using a different pressure plate and clutch disk. Upgrades for clutches are readily available.

Factory driveshaft failures are rare, but do happen. Mainly on drag cars on slicks and some cars that experience heavy wheel hop. Aftermarket units are available.

The rear half shafts are nearly bullet-proof and we have personally seen only a few failures in 1000+ HP drag cars. The factory Torsen rear end is also very strong and run in many 9, 10 and 11 second Supras, and even various other chassis including Tanner Foust's latest drift car. TRD LSD rear ends are running 7 seconds in automatic gearbox cars and now 8.0 flat in 6 speed cars.

From front to rear, this is the most bullet-proof drivetrain combination ever assembled on a Japanese car.