How To Change 6 Speed Getrag V160 Transmission Fluid

How To Change 6 Speed Getrag V160 Transmission Fluid

How To Change 6 Speed Getrag V160 Transmission Fluid

How to Quickly and Easily Change Your 6 Speed Toyota Supra Turbo MKIV Getrag V160 Transmission Fluid.

By: Robert Carlson and Long Tran.


Two bottles of “Toyota Gear Oil V160”, Part number 08885-01306 (available below) or many people have had very good luck with Royal Purple Synchromax Oil (available below)

An oil pan.

An old towel.

6 feet of clean half-inch hose.

A small funnel whose tip fits into the half-inch hose snuggly.

A 17mm socket and a ratchet.

A 17mm wrench.

A torque wretch.

A jack.

A jack stand.

A block.

A 0.5 liter metric measuring cup.


Park your Supra on a level working surface (your driveway/your garage).

Engage the parking brake completely, pop open the hood and close the door.

Block the passenger side front tire.

Jack up the front driver side wheel and set the jack stand for your safety.

Locate the transmission fluid drain plug and the fill plug.

Place a towel under the fill plug and use the 17mm wrench to remove the transmission fluid fill plug, place the plug in a safe place.

Move your oil pan under the drain plug and remove the drain plug, the fluid will come out with some force so be ready.

Put the dirty ratchet on the towel; place the plug in a safe place.

Let all the fluid drain from the transmission, this should not take to long.

****Replace the fluid drain plug.

Take your hose to the engine bay and route the hose between the intake manifold and the brake master cylinder until the hose comes out beneath the car. Get back under your Supra and position the hose’s tip inside the transmission through the transmission fluid fill hole, do not let any of the hose hang slack below the fill point.

Return to engine bay and fit the funnel’s tip into the end of the hose.

Pour a little transmission fluid into the funnel and check under the car that the fluid is going into the transmission.

Pour your first bottle of V160 gear oil slowly into the funnel.

Get your measuring cup and measure out 0.5 liters of fluid from your second bottle; pour this into the funnel. Measure out an additional 0.3 liters of fluid and pour this into the funnel.

Slowly raise the hose to ensure all the fluid has passed through it.

You now have 1.8 liters of fluid in your transmission. Remove the funnel and hose from the engine bay.

***Install the fluid fill plug.

Torque the fluid fill plug to xx ft/lb, and the fluid drain plug to xx ft/lb. Remove the oil pan, towel, and tools from under and around the car, and don’t forget to put everything back where you found it.

Remove the jack stand, lower the car, remove the block from the passenger side of the car and close the hood. Take your Supra on a test drive and enjoy the smooth shifting.