Nero 1994 Supra

Powerhouse Racing Twin Turbo kit -- this kit is awesome I got the smaller turbo's utilizing the HKS 2835 turbo's with modifications made by Powerhouse Racing, with the smallest kit (which I got) you can put out 750+ RWHP on a built motor, I stuck with the stock motor (ran out of funds) and this kit is simply awesome, I also splurged and polished the turbo's and intake pipes and all, I personally think this is the best street kit that will put out the most power efficiently with a stock motor, I searched high and low and this is the best kit I could find, just like the big guns in Japan I went with twins over single

Greddy/Trust Front Mount Intercooler -- This unit is imported from japan, its much bigger then the Greddy US core and comes with 3" piping instead of 2.5" pipes, the Greddy Japan core has more volume then the HKS US core, the Greddy US core is smaller then the HKS US core

Blitz BOV's -- blow off valves by blitz we had to use 2 of them to purge any excess air during shifting or letting off the throttle, flanges were welded onto the Intercooler pipe next to the turbo's both BOV's are mounted there

Fuel Kit -- Powerhouse Racing's custom fuel rail and fuel kit, utilitzing Powerhouse Racing's fuel rail and 850cc injectors, fuel pressure handled by Paxton fuel pressure regulators. twin fuel pumps utilizing twin -6 fuel lines, this fuel kit by powerhouse racing will support 1000 crank HP ***gotta look out for the future, also the 720cc kits by HKS will max out around 600-650rwhp, and you will be running 90%+ duty cycle which could cause your injectors to lock open, not a good thing

Cams -- powerhouse racing custom camshaft's specifically designed for this application and dialed in perfectly, the duration and lift #'s are a closely guarded secret at Powerhouse Racing on a stock motor estimations of as much as 100 HP can be gained by the cam's, also idle and street driveability is perfect, my local friends unaware of my modifications could not tell the difference before and after the modifications to the car by the sound or look of the car, only when I popped the hood did they discover the truth, and still they asked did I put cams in it or were they stock!!!

Cam Gear -- AEM Cam gear, 1 in Red for exhaust side (hot) and 1 in Blue for intake side (cold)

Intake Manifold -- custom aluminum intake manifold by Powerhouse Racing, this intake manifold will allow your motor to breath above the 600 rwhp level, testing in Japan and the US have shown that there is a loss of power at #'s above 600 rwhp, also its polished, the work by Powerhouse Racing is beautiful the welds are perfect and small and there are no mistakes or corrections to make the intake fit, it was done right from the get go, most shops I've seen doing this mod have not had such precision

Throttle Body -- polished to match the intake manifold, no other mods done to it

Greddy/Grex Oil Cooler -- the biggest one I believe 16 row with oil filter relocator, the oil cooler mounts behind the intercooler/in front of the a/c piece, also the Oil cooler utilizes -10 lines. In my opinion the relocator for the oil filter is worth the price of the oil cooler, oil changes is right next to the tranny and makes it very easy now, it would've been a pain otherwise especially with all the new fuel lines and so forth

Greddy Pulley Kit -- Greddy pulley kit comes with water pump (same size), power steering (slightly bigger) and alternator (moderately larger) pulley's that are extrememly light weight

Powerhouse Racing Electric Fan kit -- gets rid of the heavy manual fan that turns with the water pump pulley, the fan weight 10-15 lbs, the electric fans get rid of the pulley fan and flow more air, dyno #'s have shown 15 HP increase with this mod, also response and low end torque is definetely felt, and an added bonus is that its easier to work in and around the area and pull pulley's, belts and so forth since the manual fan is gone

Underdrive Pulley -- Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley anodized in black, uses 1 size smaller belt *Note I have the new version that has the holes cut out the newer version seems to be a tad bit lighter

HKS Air Intake -- 2 small intakes, 1 for each turbo, also polished intake pipes to each turbo

Clutch -- Currently still working out the clutch combination, been going threw rps variants and the OS Giken, we will test the strenght of the OS Giken twin disk clutch and see if it holds to a drag launch if not, then we are uncertain to where we will proceed, under consideration is the RPS variant and the OS Giken tripple disk (the giken tripple disk is the obvious favorite but do to cost its still under consideration)

Downpipe -- 3" one piece replaces both cat's (off road pipe)

Also Russell Stainless Steel Brake lines, accompanied with Motul DOT4 Racing Brake Fluid

Brakes -- The TRD HP-Z (street/strip) have been installed, I have new stock rotors and can say Wow its some braking power, Now I stop on a dime and pick it up ::))))

HKS FCD (fuel cut defensor)

Turbo Timer -- Greddy w/harness --- mounted in temporary location

Boost Gauge -- SPI black face on green for clock location 52mm

Profec-A -- profec A has fuzzy logic and works very well, also I have the optional steering wheel mounted high boost switch

HKS VPC/GCC -- I went with the HKS VPC/GCC combo with a custom Powerhouse Racing EPROM for the 850cc injectors, the GCC piggybacks the VPC for better fuel control per RPM, car idles perfectly with the 850cc injectors and VPC

G-Force Computer -- raise the rev limit so I can pull the stock motor up to 7500-7800 rpm's to utilize the power of the bigger turbo's and stock motor, also timing board may provide useful for high boost if ignition upgrade is not chosen

Greddy 60mm P/H EGT -- black background w/green lighting, peak hold unit, very nice measures exhaust gas temperature

TRD Motor Mounts -- these mounts are more solid and will prevent motor torque or help prevent against a large amount of motor torque, also some people have mentioned that the stock motor mounts will fail, so I simply replaced them

Race Rims and Tires -- I have a stock set of rims that have BFGoodrich Comp T/A Drag Radials size 275/40/17

Redline MT90 in the tranny (6-speed), and 75w90 in the differential

Mobil 10w30 synthetic motor oil with stock twins, Mobil 5w30 with the new twins and oil cooler

Redline Water Wetter - 1 to 2 bottles is used in the coolant

In shipment or arrived and not installed

Strut Tower Braces -- Front and Rear by Cusco, only Cusco to my knowledge makes front and rear, they look very nice too, the rear is in, the front is in, but needs to be slightly modified to clear the turbo kit!!

Radiator Hose -- Cool Flex Radiator hose with blue ends

Greddy Front Spoiler -- greddy front spoiler the original in Fiberglass

TRD Tach -- lets you read up to 10,000 RPM

Tom's Thermostat -- 160 degree thermostat, what's funny here is that a stock thermostat is like $10, and yet the upgrade thermostat is almost $200, talk about a huge price markup

Ignition Upgrade -- I want the full ignition upgrade with a 2 stage limit for launching, and a RPM cutoff so I can set the rev limit and so that the car will not hit fuel cut when the rev limit is hit unlike the stock setup (which hits fuel cut at the rev limit, not good when your putting out high HP at high boost), also the ignition upgrade itself will let us open up the spark plug gap and most likely show some power increase, Just waiting on Powerhouse Racing to finish developements of this kit, as is rest of the powerhouse stuff I'm sure this will be great and well worth the wait

Stereo System -- not sure on this one yet, maybe or maybe not do I want to be a full time racer? who knows I love having a nice ride with a nice system, from the get go my goals were 10