PPG - Pfitzner Performance Gearbox / Dogbox for Toyota Supra Getrag 6 Speed

PPG - Pfitzner Performance Gearbox / Dogbox for Toyota Supra Getrag 6 Speed
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PPG - Pfitzner Performance Gearbox / Dogbox for Toyota Supra Getrag 6 Speed
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APPLICATION: 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Getrag 6 Speeds

Unlike any other Supra parts business, I have personally been to South Australia and can testify that PPG is on the absolute cutting edge of what they are doing! Very streetable.

This is NOT straight cut gears, but helical, so they are designed for street/track cars. PPG helically cut gearsets are the most popular product. Mainly used to transmit extreme power to the road in highly modified street cars. They are usually purchased by those wanting less gear noise than a Straight Cut gearset. The Helical sets do produce slightly more gear noise than a standard factory gearset as a result of a purely motor sport based gear design which makes necessary compromises in regards to gear noise, to achieve un-compromised strength.

This rally-inspired "Dog Box" gear set is the first of its kind available for the MKIV Supra! Manufactured in Australia by world-famous Pfitzner Performance Gearbox, this high performance gear set is designed to fit directly into the Getrag V160 case and uses standard input/output shafts. It doesn't get any better than this! Clutch less up-shifts can be accomplished with ease without the worry of destroying factory synchromesh rings.

No more worrying about which transmission fluid to use in the Getrag six speed to avoid costly damage, this unit uses Redline Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil which is readily available and much less expensive than Toyota gear oil. No more waiting for expensive special order replacement parts from Getrag in Germany. No more hassles trying to locate a custom clutch application to fit your custom sequential transmission then figuring out how to mount the unit in a Supra. All factory mounts still bolt up to the Getrag case, and you can utilize your choice of clutches available for the Supra. All the while knowing that this gearbox won't let you down on race day! For those that love the versatility and top speed of the Getrag six speed but hate the weakness of the factory synchromesh rings, this gear set is for you.

This performance gearbox features straight cut billet gears using the latest F1 style tooth profiles, all designed using the latest CAD software and manufactured with the highest quality CNC manufacturing equipment available. Gear ratios have been optimized for both drag racing and road course racing, with 4th gear having a 10 MPH higher top speed compared to stock. Sixth gear has been revised to a .848 ratio compared to .793 stock, to increase acceleration in the top gear.

The cluster shaft features a splined design that accommodates individual gear ratio changes (by special order) to better suit the needs of different racing styles. Custom billet chromoly shift selector forks are used to replace the weak factory cast aluminum forks. The entire assembly is then heat treated for added durability and strength. The greatly simplified design of this gear set makes assembly/disassembly of the transmission much easier, and installation of the gear set is available in-house if desired.

When compared to the pricing of a new or used Getrag six speed transmission or the cost of rebuilding a broken Getrag, this high performance gear set makes perfect sense. Make it the last gear set you ever buy for the Supra!

Q&A. I have heard you cannot drive a dog box on the street is this true? Absolutely not true! Watch the two video below and you decide if you can drive a helical cut Dog Box on the street or not?

If you are making 1300rwhp+, you can pull 6th gear (with a quick shot of nitrous) and bring back the record to the Supra world!