R2 Racing Control Arm Bushing Kit MkIV Supra DISCONTINUED

R2 Racing Control Arm Bushing Kit MkIV Supra DISCONTINUED
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R2 Racing Control Arm Bushing Kit MkIV Supra DISCONTINUED
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Please note this is an older listing, and these bushings have been discontinued. You should still be able to get SuperPro bushings at this time

Your Supra is now no newer than 15 years old, so no matter how much driving or how many miles you have on your car, your bushings are old and worn out. Factory replacement ones? Good luck with that! Tighten up the way your suspension acts with these polyurethane control arm replacement bushings. This is by far one of the best ways to make your car feel like new again.

These will eliminate some handling and wheel hop problems from age, work well with road race, drift, or drag setups, and are compatible with all spring, shock and sway bar combinations.

The front kit includes:
Upper and lower control arm bushings (4 upper, 4 lower). Upper replacements are 2 piece, lowers are 1 piece - 8 bushings replaced, 12 pieces total.

The rear kit includes:
Upper arm, lower arm, and strut rod bushings (4 upper, 4 lower, 4 strut rod). All replacements are 2 piece - 12 bushings replaced, 24 pieces total.

All R2 kits come with grease and instructions but require a fair amount of mechanical ability and familiarity with the specifics of urethane bushing installations. This is not an amateur installation. However, it can be made a lot easier by taking out the control arms yourself. Then, take the control arms and this kit to a shop that has a press. They can then take out your old bushings and install the new ones.