Toyota Supra 2JZGTE Turbo Kits, Turbo Manifolds & Wastegates

Toyota Supra 2JZGTE Turbo Kits, Turbo Manifolds & Wastegates

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As you may be well aware by now there are a number of turbo kit possibilities available for the twin turbo Supra.

If you are working within a tight budget, want big top end power, want a fast spooling turbo, want a kit for just the street, a kit for street and drags, or a kit for street and road course, we KNOW which turbo to supply you with and WHY! If you want to remain on the factory fuel system, we can tell you which turbo to choose and WHY! We understand compressor surge, thrust bearings, full ball bearings, ceramic bearings, trims, A/R ratios, clipped wheels, polished wheels, polished internal housings, hot sides, cold sides, lag, horsepower, torque, dyno sheets, we UNDERSTAND TURBOS AND SUPRAS!!!

We will meticulously work each and every customer through the identification process in selecting the proper kit for your particular needs and budget. We have spent hours on the phone and at the shop educating customers on why you make certain selections and with what particular dependencies. You already know our prices are the best and our order fill rate is climbing to all-time record levels. Our customer support and technical knowledge is industry leading in every respect.

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