How to Change Spark Plugs on a Supra 2JZGTE

You will need a 5mm allen driver, 10mm socket and a spark plug wrench, plus a gapping tool if you don't buy our pre-gapped plugs. You may also need a small flat blade screwdriver to take off the connectors to the coil packs.

1. Remove spark plug cover plastic piece. There are 10 allen head bolts which require the 5mm allen driver to remove. Eight are located on top of the cover and two are located on the front (near cam gears).

2. Remove both rubber hoses that run from one side of the valve cover to the other. These breather hoses can become brittle over the years and crack upon removal so be careful. If you need these hoses, we have them available as well as your local Toyota dealer. If you tap the hoses and they are rock hard, then do the spark plug change without removing.

3. You will notice which looks like a snakes nest of wiring harnesses running through the area around all the plugs. In order to gain access to the coil packs, you will need to move these out of the way. This is a simple process once you have done it once before. Every few inches there are clips which hold the harnesses in place. Simple open the clips and pull all the harnesses out of the way, so you can have access to the coil packs and spark plugs.

4. Each coil pack assembly will have the wiring harness connector to it. Carefully remove each one of these from the coil packs. You may have to do this prior to step 3 above depending upon how much free-play there is in your harness.

5. Remove the three coil pack assemblies by taking a 10mm socket and ratchet and remove the bolts. There are two bolts for each coil pack pair, so there are six bolts in total. (note. when reinstalling these bolts that hold the coil packs, get the bolts finger tight and then 1/2 turn. do NOT over-tighten these). After the six bolts are removed from the coil packs you can now reach down and pull up each coil pack assembly. They may be a bit stuck on the spark plugs, so do not be afraid to give them a hard pull (straight up) to get them out. Place the coil packs on a work bench and mark which pair came from which location. Coil packs are not position sensitive, but you just want to know which coil packs are on which plugs for any future trouble shooting.

6. Spark plug removal. If you have access to an air gun or air compressor, use it to spray away any dirt and debris that may be down near where the spark plugs are located. If not, then just be a bit careful not to knock anything down into the cylinders when removing and install the plugs. Use your spark plug wrench and remove each of the plugs. Note on a piece of paper which plug came from which cylinder. Cylinder 1 is in the front and six is in the rear near the windshield.

7. Reinstall in opposite order. We suggest using some moly anti-seize compound on the threads of the new spark plugs to make removal easier the next time around. Just a dab on the middle of the threads will be enough. This compound is available at any auto parts store. The cylinder head in a Supra is aluminum so make sure not to over-tighten the plugs when they go back in. A good measure is when the plug is fully seated to the cylinder head by hand (make sure it goes all the way down), then you can do 3/4 turn with the ratchet to snug up the plug.

For BPU cars we recommend a spark plug gap of .032-.035", so make sure you take care of that. Good luck and let us know if this helped you.

You can do this!! Total time the first time is an hour. After that it is a 20 minute job.