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Stages I - IV MK3 Turbo 7MGTE

As with all turbo cars the method behind gaining horsepower and torque is a similar combination of components and changes. Think of a turbo engine as an air pump with a supercharger on it! The more air that is pumped into the engine (with necessary fuel) the more power it will make. Using this analogy, we can set a path forward for making power in the 1986.5 through 1992 MK3 Turbo Supra!


We know we need to increase air flow, so lets start there. First lets make sure the air coming into the engine is clean and without restrictions. This requires us to have a nice air intake system. The K&N FIPK solves this portion of the equation rather well, with it's 1,000,000 mile guaranteed and washable filter system. The HP gain with this is modest (5-7hp), but it gets us the clean air in the quantity that we want for a turbo car that is planning on running 11.5 psi. Any of our air intake kits will help increase performance.


Secondly we want to make sure that we can get all of that air out of the engine as efficiently as possible. Since we have a large air pump of an engine we want to be absolutely positive that we can get the exhaust energy OUT of the car as fast as it goes in! On a turbo car, BIGGER IS BETTER, because restrictions create back pressure and back pressure hinders boost!! Remember, it is BOOST that gives us POWER! A good quality exhaust system is the KEY here in minimizing restrictions. Your next set of mods are a downpipe and CAT-back exhaust. The downpipe is critical to helping build a bit more boost, but more importantly improve flow off the turbo exhaust and increase spool up and minimize lag. To be honest all the CAT-backs make about the same power. If you do not mind running without a main CAT then purchase our MK3 test-pipe. Finally adding the Walbro fuel pump upgrade for the MK3 is a help.

Stage III - 285 HP (raising boost)

Now that we have an intake, downpipe and exhaust system, as well as a higher flowing fuel pump we can move onto the more serious portions. Adding the Lexus AFM (or equiv), 550cc injectors and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator we can increase the boost up to 11.5 psi and gain some HP. An electronic boost or manual controller is the key to this portion of the equation. An boost control regulates the factory turbo boost and is fully programmable from lower to higher settings. All of our boost controllers will do a good job for you, so select the one you feel most comfortable with.

Stage IV 300HP+ (CT26 Turbo Upgrade)

Choosing one of our CT26 turbo upgrades along with one of our headgasket kits will be the next step.

Stage III and above packages are highly recommended for cars with our head gasket kit packages for absolute durability and robustness.

Notes: An intercooler upgrade with a good hard pipe kit is a definite advantage at this level as well, especially with an upgraded CT26 or larger turbo. Utilizing a high quality wideband air fuel system is also important in helping maintain proper air/fuel balances. If you want to bypass the AFM (Lexus or other), then moving to a stand alone ECU is the definite path forward.


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