Stage 1 Street Shortblock Titan Prepped 2JZGTE

Stage 1 Street Shortblock Titan Prepped 2JZGTE
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Stage 1 Street Shortblock Titan Prepped 2JZGTE
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We can build any street shortblock for your needs. Ideal for the daily driver or recreational driver. We first start with the potent 2jz-gte block and dissasemble the entire block, thoroughly cleaning and checking everything. After being stripped down, the block is sonic checked for any flaws, cracks, or imperfections. Then the crank is also thoroughly checked. Once certified through this process the buildup begins.

We start by boring and honing out the block. Each cylinder is setup for each individual piston. Generally we use CP or JE pistons with only the finest H-Beam rods. Once fully balanced, the assembly process begins where each bearing is checked for appropriate clearances. We can choose a varying array of bearings for your specific needs and power output.

The whole motor is assembled with ARP hardware for the mains and head studs. We also check the block for any un-eveness and deck the block. This is so there is a perfectly flat surface for your head gasket and helps elimate the possibility of failure.

Street Short Blocks start at $5850 assembled.