Supra 3.4 Liter 2JZGTE Stroker Kit

Supra 3.4 Liter 2JZGTE Stroker Kit
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Supra 3.4 Liter 2JZGTE Stroker Kit
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We have just received another set of JE 87mm 9:1 compression pistons in the stroker design. This coupled with our last 94mm stroker crankshaft means we can assemble a kit within a few days. Select your rods and we will be ready to ship almost instantly! **

We love our 3.4 liter kit, which uses the BC 94mm crank, custom JE Ultimate Stroker Pistons (select compression)and your own rod choice depending upon power expectations and application.

Why spend $7500+ for a kit, when we offer the exact same components (lets face it, everyone uses the same components). We just give you options with standard BC rods, Eagle, Pauter (we love them) or if you are building a 9,700 rpm 1300hp motor Carillo H-Beams.

At we have always strived to bring you the latest products and performance components for the absolute fairest value without any sacrifice in quality or performance. We were the first to promote the AEM EMS when other shops were saying it was junk.

We were the first Supra performance company to make over 900rwhp on a bone-stock factory OEM 2JZGTE engine and we did this in front of hundreds at the annual Las Vegas Supra Meet back in 2000!

The same holds true on our stroker kit. This is the same kit powering some of the worlds fastest and quickest Supras.

Years ago Guilly and myself used to think about boring and stroking the highly successful 2JZGTE engine and what affects it would have upon turbo spool and engine overall power. The naysayers said the motor would never rev out well. How does 9500 rpm sound for a stroker kit?

The naysayers said that the additional .4 liters of combustion space would not help that much in power and turbo spool. They were wrong. The additional .4 liters over the factory 3.0 liter motor makes a significant difference in energy production, which in turn powers the largest of single and twin turbo combinations.

The torque curve has also shifted downwards to make the car more driveable on larger turbo set-ups. Plus, the additional .4 liters with a free flowing exhaust just sounds MEAN! There is no sound like a 3.4 liter stroker kit.

Designed by the pro's in California this true billet 3430 crankshaft, with a whopping 8mm increase in stroke to 94mm increases the supra displacement in conjunction with custom big bore, big pin, coated ultimate stroker JE pistons by almost a half-a liter!

Couple the stroke increase with the inclusion of stroker and big bore specific-designated JE pistons in 87mm (various compressions can be ordered) and we have created a 3.4 liter building block to unleash new levels of power, quicker turbo spooling and torque that Supra enthusiasts the world over have yearned for.

If you want a ultra-fast street car with a bigger motor to spool your turbo, then considering a 9.0:1 or higher compression motor with the standard BC H-Beam Sportsmen rods (or my favorite Eagel's)is an absolute great option for those not rev'ing too high.

The combination of a higher compression ratio than the stock motor (8.5:1) and the .4 liters of additional volume are PROVEN to spool turbos and make power unlike any 3.0 liter motor. This is a legitimate 8,900 rpm set-up.

For those running exclusively E85 or any high fractional component of ethanol, then you can really bump the compression up and see significant advantages in torque. 9.5 to 10.5:1 is the standard range for E-fuel motors.

We are using the highly updated JE ultimate stroker piston with both skirt and dome coating, as well as the upgraded wrist pins, not generic pistons.

If you want to go up even more in power, then we love the highly under-rated Pauter Rods. I used to run Pauter motors back in the 80's and they are top quality and lighter weight. A Pauter rod motor will rev quicker than any rod combination we have and handle the power.

Finally, if you are going ALL-IN with your motor and plan big rpm, 1300hp and/or nitrous, then Carillo H-Beam.

You will receive:

Custom Billet Crankshaft 94mm

JE Ultimate Stroker Piston Set:Coated Skirt and Dome Stroker Pistons 87mm (select compression) Rings and the upgraded Wrist Pins.

BC H-Beam Sportsmen Connecting Rods (or your choice of other rods)

While we love the 3.0 liter (183 cubic inch) 2JZ motor in it's raw form, we also fully understand that people have finally reached the realistic and reliable power goals for this motor at or near stock cubic centimeters.

Stroker and Big Bore engines start building power at lower rpm's due to the increase in stroke and bore sizes. How does the pan-out in the real world of driving performance?

The one limitation the OEM 2JZ motor has is displacement at 3.0 liters. By increasing displacement to 3.4 liters you have a larger and more efficient "air-pump" which will move significantly larger volumes of air.

This decreases the amount of time required to spool up both smaller and larger turbo systems as well as increases torque and total power capability of the engine.

The initial questions we are receiving are in regards to comparing this kit to the HKS and JUN kits. There are four significant advantages of the Big Bore Stroker over the competition.

(this is our editorial, not another companies that uses the same thing)

1. Crankshaft

The utilization of the billet crank is superior in materials choice and final robustness over the forged crank assemblies used by the others, allowing more rpm if needed. Pro racers are 9,500 rpm plus. 9000 rpm on a properly assembled street motor is possible.

2. Pistons/Rings

JE Ultimate Stroker Pistons (you choose compression) are at or near the absolute pinnacle of the piston world when it comes to quality, design and materials selection for high performance usage.

Ours include free dome and side skirt coating to help increase robustness and decrease friction. These pistons ONLY work with 94mm stroker crank, as they are custom designed not only in compression, but in pin location for the rod.

The ability to special order custom-compressions, which are not available with the other brands is an excellent feature. The rings and ring landings are standard for JE and are readily available. Break a ring on the HKS stroker kit and you are WAITING for a long time for a custom built ring from HKS Japan.

3. Affordability

Simply put, the Stroker 2JZ kit is positioned in the pricing department to offer the first truly afforable Big Bore and Stroker Kit for the 2JZ. Priced well below the the competition, this offers the end-user outstanding value. We use all the big name parts and save you money!

4. Availability

Long the Achilles-heel of many of the Japanese companies is product availability. Many of you understand that most of these companies simply do not bring enough product to the States to meet the demand. The other kits are no exception with it's "special-order" ONLY status from Japan. Delivery times of 6-12 months is not uncommon. Our kit is designed,manufactured and assembled in the USA which reduces lead times substantially. Delivery times as low as 3-4 weeks (due to custom piston order) are possible.

Note: Depending upon compression ratio of piston, delivery may be 3-4 weeks. Please plan your project accordingly.