NO LONGER AVAILABLE SupraStore Getrag V160 Toyota Supra Transmission Rebuild Service

NO LONGER AVAILABLE SupraStore Getrag V160 Toyota Supra Transmission Rebuild Service
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE SupraStore Getrag V160 Toyota Supra Transmission Rebuild Service
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Please note that while we can still offer this service, we will not be able to get most replacement parts for your transmission. Parts supply has dried up, and Getrag has been dissolved entirely as a company.

Here at SupraStore, we know the value of the Getrag V160 transmission. Brand new they are over $8250 if you went directly to Toyota and purchased, or even over $7800 through us, so we know that that option is not possible for everyone.

Stage 1 starts with our most economical transmission rebuild to give you a reliable and smooth shifting unit without paying for parts you may not want or need. This rebuild will only replace:

Hubs and sleeves

Fork pins with updated revision



Gear Shifting Interlock replaced with newest revision

Input preload set to our own specs for high power applications and long gear life (no gear whining and we DO NOT follow the manual as it's incorrect!)


UPGRADES Included:

All synchros are replaced, and this includes the hubs and sleeves.

Synchro blueprinting, and friction rings are modified for longer life and more efficiency for smooth shifting.

Stage 2 includes Stage 1, plus:
☼ Synchro assemblies with the latest revision from Getrag

☼ We make modifications to the synchro sleeve ramp rates to allow for more accurate synchronization

☼ Polish the hubs and sleeves for the smoothest shift possible

☼ An enormous amount of time will be invested with the synchros for this rebuild to insure accurate placement of the synchro outer ring teeth to the sleeve teeth during your shift. We call this Synchro Blueprinting. This is what we love to do and is a detail hard to find as many will only blindly drop in new parts without checking operation.

☼ Hub and sleeves replaced with the latest revision and include improved key and ball design for smoother and more reliable operation.

☼ 1-2 and 3-4 shift fork pin holes threaded and modified to use bolts for reliability

Stage 3 includes Stage 2, plus:
☼ REM ISF Micropolished 1-4 gears, counter shaft, hubs, sleeves, and engagement teeth

This process will improve gear efficiency as there will be less friction. Less friction means temps and stress on the gear teeth will be reduced. This process will also allow for smoother sleeve-to-gear engagement, which means your shift quality will be improved as well.

☼ Modify the center housing to allow more oil to reach the drive gears during a long acceleration pull. The drive gears are located at the front of the trans. This means when you accelerate hard the oil works its way to the back of the trans and your front drive gears run without oil (at full power too) and they burn up and start to whine. If you are tired of whining V160 gears, this build will assure it will never happen again!

Yes, there may be others can rebuild the V160 for less, but trust us, you don't want others doing it. You may save a few bucks now, but end up spending much more in the long run!

Does your V160 whine? If so, we can fix it! The whine can be caused by many things, but in most cases it is due to a damaged and wiped out input and counter 5th gear.

Please EMAIL US for more info.

Parts cleaned using industrial parts washers and Aluma Blast coating. Exceptionally clean units is one of the reasons why our transmissions are the highest quality in the business! We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment which other trans builders could only dream of.

With the best cleaning equipment, we also have a very clean facility. All units are built in a spotless environment and using tools, and benches, which are clean and only used for assembly purposes.

In other words, the same tools used to pull your dirty old trans out of your car are NOT the same tools used to rebuild your pristine unit afterward. Take a look at the typical shop and check their tools.

It is shocking how dirty things are in most shops and that dirt will end up in your unit. That doesn't happen here.

Core unit must be in a condition where it can be rebuilt using average wear parts. In other words, no completely broken cores! Core that works, but grinds gears, or makes noise is acceptable, but inspection of the unit will need to be performed. If you're not sure of the damage to your transmission, we will let you know .

The rebuild service has a 14 month, unlimited mileage warranty on labor. After your transmission is taken apart, we will contact you with the price of the replacement parts needed to return your transmission to better than brand new working order due to the fact that our builder knows how to set up the V160 absolutely perfect and has the time to perfect each build, unlike mass production assembly line builders.

It isn't possible to diagnose problem via email or over the phone, so opening up the gearbox is critical.

Typical shipping back and forth in the USA is $250-300 depending on location. Build time is typically 3-4 weeks. Feel free to call us if you need anymore info on this service.