TEIN FLEX Coilovers

TEIN FLEX Coilovers
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TEIN FLEX Coilovers
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** The Single Greatest Suspension Improvement: Coil Overs**

TEIN, the leading name in high performance suspension products from Japan. TEIN can make your imaginative driving come true! TYPE Flex dampers have a 16 way adjustable function for expansion & contraction level, so that the driver can select his/her own choice of damping force needed. The varieties of different levels of damping force covers wide range of settings, from as stock as OEM, to the level of a race car. A miniature orifice which characterizes the suspension of the vehicle is fully controlled by the specially formed needle valve. Furthermore, the damping effect reacts linearly to the adjusting dial.

☼ 16 Levels of expansion & contraction adjustability
☼ Freedom of raising or lowering the vehicle's ride height
☼ Reduced friction noises and improved damping precision by reducing the clearance of the rod guide to be half of the conventional dampers
☼ All dampers use a special guide ring at the guide bushing to make the damping control even more precise
☼ 35mm piston and twin tube design improves durability with greater damping precision and a larger oil capacity
☼ The lower spring seats, seat lock, and upper spring seat are die-cast aluminum for high strength and low weight
☼ TEIN's newly formulated oil provides consistence-damping control in both low and high temperature applications

Spring rates:
Front: 12 kgf/mm - 671 lbs/inch.
Rear: 6 kgf/mm - 336 lbs/inch.

Kit Includes:
(4) Dampers
(4) Primary Springs
(4) Secondary Springs
(1) Manual
(1) Height Gauge Tool
(2) Wrench Tools