Currency Converter shipped to almost 60 countries this past year and our business is booming internationally. Since we are a USA based business, our credit card processing and banking requirements are to process in USD. This does not hinder the non-USA customer from purchasing from us, it simply means that there is a process (which occurs behind the scenes).

For Example: If you are an Australian customer and want to purchase product(s) from us, you will buy online using your Australian credit card and the purchase price will show in USD. When we process your credit card for the order, your bank (for ex. NAB), will use that days exchange rate and bill your account in the proper AUD amount. It is a simple process and is used weekly by our Australian customers.

The currency converter program we have listed here is accurate, but it is not a guarantee of what the exact price your bank will charge you. What it does, is give you a very close approximation of what it will cost. Hope that helps and know we appreciate all of our international customers. Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi - Aussie.......

Currency Converter