TMS Stroker Crank 2jz 3.4L

TMS Stroker Crank 2jz 3.4L
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TMS Stroker Crank 2jz 3.4L
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From the builders of the NHRA Pro Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) tandem 2JZGTE cars and the world record street tire Titan Supra comes a kit that is designed from the ground up to unleash the "ultimate power" and performance combination that the 2JZGTE longs for.

Designed in cooperation with our Race Program, this true billet crankshaft, with a whopping 8mm increase in stroke to 94mm increases the supra displacement in conjunction with the CP pistons by almost a half of a liter! Couple the stroke increase with the inclusion of stroker and big bore specific-designated CP pistons in 87mm (various compression ratios can be ordered) and we have created a 3.4 liter building block to unleash new levels of power, quicker turbo spooling and torque that Supra enthusiasts the world over have yearned for.

While we love the 3.0 liter (183 cubic inch) 2JZ motor in it's raw form, we also fully understand that people have finally reached the realistic and reliable power goals for this motor at or near stock cubic centimeters. Stroker and Big Bore engines start building power at lower RPM's due to the increase in stroke and bore sizes. How does the pan-out in the real world of driving performance? The one limitation the OEM 2JZ motor has is displacement at 3.0 liters. By increasing displacement to 3.4 liters you have a larger and more efficient "air-pump" which will move significantly larger volumes of air. This decreases the amount of time required to spool up both smaller and larger turbo systems as well as increases torque and total power capability of the engine.