NO LONGER AVAILABLE Toyota Supra 93-98 Tie Rod Ends

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Toyota Supra 93-98 Tie Rod Ends
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE Toyota Supra 93-98 Tie Rod Ends
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Those who seek the most from their car know that in the rigors of competition you need to extract every ounce of performance from your machine. You need the capability to have every degree of adjustment above and beyond that of a street driven vehicle. You need the strength to withstands the stresses and strains of hard corners, a rough course and brutal weight transfer and chassis flex.

It is within this understanding that Megan Racing has unveiled our line of reinforced suspension arms that offer the strength and adjustment that any competition vehicle will ever need. Constructed of high-strength steel alloys that offer durability, strength and yet remain light-weight, these control arms have been track tested for months in road race, autocross and drift events to assure quality and performance.

These Outer Tie-Rod Ends are compatible with both our Inner Tie-Rods and the OEM Tie Rods. They replace the OEM Tie Rod Ends with a high strength aluminum alloy Tie Rod End that can be used to fine tune Toe-Adjustments and by proper use of spacer combination can be set to proper suspension geometry to achieve the most steering angle possible which is crucial for drifting and other motor-sports.

Tie rods are used to adjust toe in the front, and obviously to steer your car. Aftermarket tie rod ends can be used to adjust bump-steer by spacing the tie rod end parallel with the FLCA. Adjustment present is made by using different spacer orientations on both ends of the tie rod end. A thicker washer and a thinner washer is included and can be installed in a way to adjust the angle of the tie rod arms to be at ideal angles based on the rest of the suspension geometry to reduce bump-steer. Heavy suspension tuning must be done to assure bump-steer is minimized.


Application: 93-98 Toyota Supra

- Fine-Tune toe adjustment.
- Bump-Steer adjustment.
- High-Strength Aluminum Alloy
- Smooth Rod-End movement allows for more stable transitions in drifting.
- Tie rod end thread pitch: 14MM x 1.5