Where Can I Find a Supra and How Much Will I Pay?

This is always the $30,000+ question...where can I find a Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo? Twin-Turbo Supra's are HOT and with the release of the Universal Pictures movie series "The Fast and the Furious," it has put the Supra into a new cult status in America.

We get tons of calls asking where to find good condition Supra's and how much should we be paying. While we cannot answer this question in its entirety, with a few paragraphs, we will point you in the right direction.

First, be aware that at any given time in America there are 500+ people actually and actively looking for Supra Twin-Turbos, so if you find a clean condition Supra for what you feel is a fair price, you NEED TO BE READY TO PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY!!! That means have your cash in-hand or financing already arranged!! We look in all the standard locations for cars, from local newspaper advertisements, auto trader magazines in your home town, internet national search engines for classified advertisements and of course, www.traderonline.com. We know people that check the online version of the auto trader every day, hoping to find that one car. You should be aware that it is quite common for people to travel out-of-state to find the Supra of their dreams, often times buying a car sight un-seen. All of us at SupraStore have actually done this on more than one occasion.

The latest generation Supra is known as the MK4, MkIV, or "Mark 4" Supra and is made up of production years 1993-1998 in the USA, and 1994-2002 in Japan. Expect to pay anywhere from $30,500 to $65,000+ (98's) for a stock Supra Twin-Turbo. Six-speed cars are a bit more expensive on the open market, but automatic cars respond just as well to performance modifications. A 1994 Supra with 60,000 miles in good condition with a 6-speed transmission is typically fetching around $52,000. You will see some a bit higher and a few lower in price. An automatic of the same year will be around $28k.

Question: The prices you quote for Supra's are WELL above Kelly Blue Book (KBB) and I will NOT pay more than Kelly Blue Book for a car, what do you think about that SupraStore.com?

Answer: Fair market value has driven the Supra in most circumstances well above KBB prices, so don't expect to find a Twin-Turbo Supra for KBB prices.

Good luck in your search and don't forget to check us out for cars, as we get good clean single and Twin-Turbo's in all the time.