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ECU Harness Configuration
MAP Sensor
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THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED PRODUCTS FOR THE SUPRA COMMUNITY!! FINALLY a Plug and Play AEM EMS V2 Kit for the 1JZ-GTE engine that we all love. This kit will provide everything needed to install, set-up, and get running!! Please Note this is for the Non-VVTI 1JZ Engine. Please email us for VVTI requests.

This kit will include the following:

AEM EMS Version 2 Box

Patch loom harness for Supra or Chaser

Map sensor 3.5 or 5 bar

Intake air temp sensor

Base Map for ecu

This Kit will allow you to run your factory High impedance or any othfer high impedance injectors. If you would like to run a Low resistance injector you will need to add in a resistor pack(from MK4TT USDM SPEC) to do so, not a big deal at all. You have all the amazing features of the AEM EMS V2 now at the fingertips of the 1jz community. When selecting what version you need you will nwhen you look at the plug it will either have 2 rows of pins or 4 rows of pins(plug will be 2 rows high or 4 rows high by however many long), this is selectable from the drop down menu, as is the size of the MAP sensor.
AEM EMS Online Tuning Email Supra Tuning Maps Calibrations for most Cars!
If your car is not running yet, you might have plenty of troubleshooting to deal with--so please do not expect this bases map to be a total "setup" and automatically work on the first try. This is a NON REFUNDABLE LISTING DUE TO THE NATURE OF WHAT IS BEING SOLD. We recommend already having your setup running, or we cannot guarantee startup. We will also need harness pinout info for users with custom applications as well.

Please note that we will be unable to provide tuning maps for 7M cars. Also, please contact us if you have a non-2JZ inquiry before ordering so we can make sure we can help you out!

Our email Supra AEM V1 or V2 map service is perfect for those that do not have access to a professional tuner. Our tuner staff have tuned stock cars to methanol and flex fuel cars up to 1600 HP.

Who does our AEM email tunes? You will work directly with one or two of the top AEM tuners in the world, both who have tuned 2JZGTE powered cars as professionals for years. We can build you a daily driver pump gas set-up, race fuel, E85, pure methanol, automatic, manual, everything. Our guys aren't only an AEM tuner, they are also a world class Motec and Haltech tuners as well.

Our service works just like this. Purchase your Supra Map on line and provide the details we need below (engine details) and we will have a map to you within 24 hours (less on an emergency basis).

After your car is up and running, please do some driving and log the results, then email them back to us and we will modify the original map if need be, based upon your actual car data logs. We provide a single revision as part of the purchase price and if you need more, they are only $50 each.

A free revision is based upon customer using same tune requirements/spec's and usually is provided when the customer logs the original tune and emails us the logs, so we can modify as required.

We can build Supra calibration maps for all international versions of the Supra. USDM, JDM, UK Spec, Euro Spec.

With dyno tuning time in shops garnering around $150+ an hour you will save hard earned resources in getting your program close the first time.

Given the infinite number of variations from engine to engine and from set-up to set-up we are providing MAPS that will get you quite close to where you need to be.

Final adjustments for proper air fuel ratios and tuning for your particular locale should be performed as significant changes in ambient conditions and the overall state of your particular vehicle will have an effect on the final tuning.

If your AEM equipped car suffers from poor tuning, then this is an excellent resource. We have MAPS to cover just about any combination of Supra performance modifications under the sun from stock twin turbo cars to methanol equipped 1600HP cars.

In the comments section of your online order please note the following below or any additional details we might require.

Turbo(s) size and brand. A/R if known.

AEM EMS Version V1 or V2

USDM, JDM, UK, or Euro Spec Supra

Injector Size (in cc's)

Injector Brand (if known)

Fuel Octane to be Used

Fuel Pressure Idle & Under Boost (if known)

Ignition System (stock, HKS DLI, other)

Type of Map Sensor (stock, 3 bar, 3.5 bar, 5 bar)

Automatic or 5 or 6 Speed

Camshafts: stock, 264, 272, 280, other

Any Custom Items: Big intakes, throttle bodies, stroker motor

Our custom MAPS will then be generated for you in a very prompt and quick fashion and EMAILED to you direct, so make sure the email address you provide is accurate and working!

Testimony from Norway:

"I have used suprastore ignition map yesterday and it looks quite perfect to me. I have advanced ignition from they base map about 5 degrees and knocking was everywhere, so I have retarded it two degrees and now it looks perfect. With other ignition maps when I was advancing the knock was visible only in some rpm and in some load, in case of suprastore map it looks like optimal for whole range. Right now I will try to play with it with selected cells but I do not expect big improvement to what I have now. Tomorrow I will add 20% of MTB and 20% of Toluene to our Shell 99+ V-Power (around 94 octane US) I will also use 100% methanol in Aquamist water injection system; will try their race gas map. Hopping to get closer to 700 HP :wink:

T78, 720cc, AEM EMS, Aquamist, FMIC 4row, LS1 coils"

Here is his next follow on testimony:

"Today I have used race ignition map. For the begining I have retarder whole map by 4 degrees. I used Shell V-Pover 99+ ( 94 octane US) and 20% of MTB and methanol injection by Aquamist - result spining, spining, spining and no knocking "

For those that require a custom drag-type two step or speed boost shift program, please let us know, as we have those available at extra cost. Fine tuning should always be done on a dyno with a wide band.

Note: You don't own a Supra, but need an AEM, MOTEC or other map for another car? Just email and we will get you going.
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