1JZ 1JZGTE 2JZ 2JZGE 2JZGTE Cylinder Head Refresh with Pocket Port (good cfm gains)

1JZ 1JZGTE 2JZ 2JZGE 2JZGTE Cylinder Head Refresh with Pocket Port (good cfm gains)
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1JZ 1JZGTE 2JZ 2JZGE 2JZGTE Cylinder Head Refresh with Pocket Port (good cfm gains)

1JZ 1JZGTE 2JZ 2JZGE 2JZGTE Cylinder Head Refresh with Pocket Port (good cfm gains)
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Our mail-in head program for a performance refresh for your 2JZGTE cylinder head will save you $$ and outflow the factory head anywhere from 30-35 CFM on the intake ports and 20-25 CFM on the exhaust ports! Our engine building specialists include a full clean, 3 angle valve job, and pocket port for just $1350

Ground shipping in the lower 48 will be $185, and we can offer to send you a shipping label for initial shipment to us as well.

See actual results of a completely stock 20+ year old head before and after porting in the second picture!

To port or not to port, to increase valve size or not to increase valve size, 3 angle or 5 angle valve job? These are the questions any person entering the world of a reworked head ask, especially 2JZGTE owners.

You cannot define every possibility in a single description or for all applications, but 'generally' speaking, what we provide with our Street Cylinder Head Refresh package is great for up to 8,000RPM (more RPM with proper optional valve train) with those who have either stock cams or higher lift cams, and either a very high flowing set or highly boosted factory twin turbos, or a single turbo conversion.

In reality, both will benefit! Here is what we do and why we can do it for far less than the others: the truth is unless you are building a 1300HP+ drag car, you can pretty much eliminate any serious deep cylinder head porting. You simply do not gain enough volumetric efficiency by hogging out a ton of metal in the 2JZ head, unless you are running a very high lift cam (greater than .400").

If you are running 280 degree cams or larger, then you can make some modest gains with a full port, otherwise there is no need to dig deep. The same pretty much holds true for oversized valves. Our recommendation for the 2JZGTE cylinder head is to run stock sized valves at pretty much at all power levels.

You can run a good set of factory valves proven to run at 7,800 RPM without any issues! A good aftermarket stainless steel stock sized valve is the natural upgrade, with an inconel based exhaust valve if you are running a very large turbo or making LOTS of heat (launch control, anti-lag often, 2-stepping, etc.). We can set you up with cams and valve spring upgrades as well, so feel free to ask at your convenience on anything you need to know, as we are happy to help!

The most effective gains on anyone running 264, 272 or GSC Stage 1 or 2 cams comes from pocket porting, and we've been doing it for years. What exactly is 'pocket porting?' Pocket porting is a light reshaping of the bowl area with a short turn radius port.

It's quick, it's reasonably simple to do (for someone who has done many) and the gains in cubic feet per minute flow (CFM) are a great value. You can expect to pick up around 30 CFM on the intake port and 20 CFM on the exhaust port. This will work well for stock cam, but really starts to shine with higher lift and duration cams!

If you're changing cams, it's best you do a valve spring upgrade at the same time, even if you are using only a mild lift cam (like 264, TMS Stage 1, GSC Stage 1). Both GSC and us recommend a valve spring change out when swapping cams if you have more than 50,000 miles on your motor. Your valve springs have a memory effect, which limits increased travel range efficiency associated with higher lift cams and can bind or break. If you never go over 7,200 RPM, then the stock springs should be ok. Please go ahead and email or ask our staff for cam and valve spring packages and recommendations!

The question of 3 angle vs. 5 angle is far more than a marketing blitz. The truth is you can get a good valve job with either, with the angle of the cut being most important.

Now that we have explained the basics of the 2JZGTE head, here is what you get with our $1350 Street Refresh Package.

You send in your good condition 2JZGTE cylinder head (well packaged) and we will hot tank it clean, glass bead critical areas, measure head for flatness and deck if required, .003"-.005" typical removal (only $70 to deck head) do a 3 angle valve job (with the correct angles for the 2JZ that work) and do our proven CFM gain pocket porting on both the intake and exhaust side. We'll cut both seats and valves and then repackage and send back to you. This is a no parts performance refresh that is proven to give you gains and refresh the head.

If you want a fully assembled head, decked head, port matching or a shim-less bucket install, we can do it all and save you money. Most is available in the drop down menu, but an email or or phone call works just as well. We're open til midnight 6 days a week on the phones!

Remember you do NOT need to spend crazy $$$ to do a 2JZ head right. With a good valve job, pocket port, and good cams, you will see a solid gain for a very fair price.

Note on options: If you select reassemble head, then we will reassemble with all your parts provided (valve seals, valves, springs, retainers, locks). If you need new seals/seats/guides, we will quote those optionally upon receipt of your head if you are not providing them at the time of service.

If we are installing shim-less buckets on your head, then we will also need your cams sent along with your head, this is needed to set optimum camshaft-to-tappet "lash".

Cutting of seats and valves option can also include installation of new seats and/or guides.

Decking of the head. We will remove the minimal amount of material required to make sure the head has a good sealing surface. This will be determined upon inspection of your head and you will be notified of any issues and/or options before this is completed.

Communication is the key, so feel free to call or email our guys! It takes us about 10-14 days to turn a head around at the moment, depending upon options, so please plan your build accordingly.