ProSeries DIY Turbo Kit - Build Your Own Set Up Kit
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ProSeries DIY Turbo Kit - Build Your Own Set Up Kit
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Application: 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo or any 2JZGTE Swap

For those that love to do-it-yourself, build your own where feasible, then this is the ultimate budget set-up kit that actually works!

Based upon our ProSeries USA turbo kit, we have simply reduced this down to four (4) major components. They work well together, and the entire kit is capable of supporting turbos from Borg Warner, Precision Turbo, Garrett, and any other T3 or T4 flanged manufacturer. Manifold is proven to support on a single wastegate up to 1000HP. If you need a dual gate or mid-frame manifold for your 1000-1500HP turbo, then let us know. We build those as well!

Why do you offer a ProSeries manifold in a T3 flange version? Simple answer. This is a DIY kit, so someone may have a T3 flanged turbo they love and therefore, we have a T3 design for you guys/gals. It is also an inexpensive replacement for those long-overdue stock twins, and a great option for cars that stay on the street.

Kit Includes
(1) ProSeries T3 or T4 Stainless Steel Tubular Turbo Manifold in divided (twin scroll) or undivided (6:1) configuration.

(1) 3" Downpipe (V-Band)

(1) T4 Turbo Flange Gasket (Divided or Undivided)

(1) Titan Oil Drain and Supply Kit

Optional at extra cost are four of the most popular turbos for 2JZ's on the planet, from the 600HP 59mm up to nearly 775HP 62mm! We can supply any turbo under the sun, so just ask!! Stick with our USA designed and built turbos.

Note: Let us know what turbo you have, so we can provide the proper downpipe and oil supply/drain kit. Product may vary from picture.