ADVAN RACING RSII RS2 Hyper Black Wheels

At last, advanced RS wheels with machined spoke side-cuts.

While maintaining the clean, refined style of the full-face 10-spoke design of RS, RSII offers a more assertive, sophisticated concave spoke shape.

These wheels feature high-quality casting and flow-forming rim shaping.

These wheels have two faces. Standard design and GTR design which has more concave spokes.

“ADVAN Racing” logo is cast on the rim part between spokes in 1mm high. After painting, the letters are engraved on the face by processing machine.

Three colours are available: Racing Hyper Silver, which was only available in RS for BMW, Racing Hyper Black, which uses the Racing Hyper Silver as a base with strong undertones of black, and Semi Gloss Black, which has half gloss of conventional Matte Black.