AEM EMS Nitrous Control MAP

AEM EMS Nitrous Control MAP
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AEM EMS Nitrous Control MAP
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If you are interested and have the injector capability sufficient to support using the injectors to control added fuel for nitrous, then we can set you up with a custom AEM Map for nitrous control.

This is ONLY the MAPS, you will need a complete nitrous system wired into the EMS for this to work. We can provide details on this as well.

The program will be a dry-based nitrous system. The AEM EMS will use your larger injectors (if they have sufficient head room for fuel) to bump up the fuel just a few milliseconds prior to the influx of nitrous.

We can start the nitrous at any rpm and shut it off as a function of boost or however you prefer.

We need to know the following:

1. Wet or dry nitrous set-up 2. If dry what size injectors are you running 3. What HP shot are you running (single fogger or direct port) 4. Do you want to just use nitrous to spool the turbo or for the complete run