NO LONGER AVAILABLE Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Clear

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Clear
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Clear
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Discontinued, see new version below!

Apexi Auto Turbo Timer was designed to prolong the life of your turbocharger while adding convenience for the user. The turbo timer will keep the engine on for the specified or calculated amount of time after the key is taken out of the ignition. This allows the turbocharger oil/coolant center cartridge time to properly cool down, thereby extending its usable life. Our turbo timer harness allows you to quickly and easily install the turbo timer without having to cut and splice your car's ignition wiring making it 100% reversable. Installation is quick, easy, and usually take about 15 minutes on most cars.

Recently, turbo timers have also been increasingly popular for use on naturally aspirated vehicles due to the benefits and convenience of the engine cool down after hard runs. Although harnesses are not available for many naturally aspirated applications, it is possible to splice the vehicle harness for installation. Standalone units are available in our store without the vehicle harness for a lower price.

This turbo timer features:

* Apexi quality design, engineering, and manufacturing * Clear color finish (silver/black color also available) * Manual and auto time countdown mode * O2 sensor input displays A/F * Voltmeter (battery) function * Integrated speedometer function * Optional E-brake safety feature * Intermediate harness for quick installation (see below)
A'PEXi Turbo Timer