Roll Cage - Custom 5 Pt. Chrome Moly

Roll Cage - Custom 5 Pt. Chrome Moly
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Roll Cage - Custom 5 Pt. Chrome Moly
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Where to start on describing this fully Chrome Molly Cage that we install here in Arizona. This cage is fully legal for 10.0 second 1/4 mile passes and is a 100% JIG designed and built cage for the Supra. It is the only fully JIGGED set-up (jigs cost boo-koo bucks to set-up). Cross bars galore, and GET-THIS, I am 6'2 and can put the seat back so far that I CANNOT depress the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. Fit and finish on this cage are nothing short of incredible. Even the passenger seat can be slide back quite far so you maintain excellent drivability. Visibility through the back is great with this design. It is hard to believe that this install only takes 2 days in our facility in Arizona. Make your appointment now!!!

The Autopower roll cage is not legal for 10.0 and is JUNK compared to this set-up.