NO LONGER AVAILABLE AZ Supra Clutch 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo

NO LONGER AVAILABLE AZ Supra Clutch 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE AZ Supra Clutch 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo
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☼ DISCONTINUED and no longer available. We recommend the ClutchMasters version linked below ☼

The Arizona Supra Clutch is a combination of a proprietary RPS pressure plate coupled together with a proprietary 6-puck hybrid-material-set, that has propelled some of the fastest single disc Supra 1/4 mile times on the planet.

If you are moving from a stock pressure plate clutch to this design, you will notice about 30% firmer pedal pressure and there will be some harsher engagement during the break-in period of 350 miles. As the puck-high-points break-in, the harsher engagement will go away. This is absolutely daily-driver (albeit with a stronger calf) and can be slipped very well for drag racing when need be.

An earlier version of this clutch was used by Mark Tozer in 2001, as he set the world stock-block 2JZGTE power record with a 902rwhp dyno pull at the famous 2001 Las Vegas Supra Meet.

The AZ Supra Clutch is available at and includes: (1) RPS pressure plate and (1) AZ 6 Puck Disc. The history of the clutch is below for those that like to know more about the famous AZ Supra Owners.

The AZ or Arizona Supra Clutch has a long storied history in the MKIV Supra community. In 1997 there were two higher horsepower (for those days) 6 speed Supras. One owned by Saad and the other by Mark Tozer. Mark finished runner up in the famous Battle of the Imports in Palmdale, California when his stock modified clutch gave out in the finals on nitrous.

RPS came on board to sponsor Mark's Supra with a new clutch design. Out of this design evolved the 6-puck metallic disc clutch, that all Supra owners began to run. In 1998 Mark went 11.1 on the stock twin turbo's with a 60 shot of nitrous on what is now known as the AZ Supra Clutch.

Shortly after this time Ryan Woon from Tucson, Arizona entered the Supra scene and joined forces to become known as the Arizona Supra's, along with long time Supra owner and automatic driver Guilly. This formed the crux of a band of Supra owners who raced anyone and everything and were the first group of global Supra owners racing and beating 600cc and 750cc motorcyles.

As the years progressed various material sets were tried on the 6-puck discs being manufactured and in 2004 Ryan found a company who would build the final version of the 6-puck disc, that is still used to this very day.

The AZ Supra Clutch available at