Tomei Connection Rod Kit 1jz

Tomei Connection Rod Kit 1jz
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Tomei Connection Rod Kit 1jz
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Usually, to give con rods strength and maintain lightweight characteristics, an H-beam or I-beam profile is applied. The choice of the profile is dependent on its purpose, use environment, production cost and quantity.

TOMEI Connecting Rods are forged from molds with the main bearing hole predetermined, not machined from a solid piece. This produces a connecting rod with supreme durability which can withstand extreme conditions.

Lack of the large end’s strength leads the metal to distort and the bearing to wear out. To secure enough strength, TOMEI applies ‘round shoulder shape’ at the link of the rod’s large end.

To provide lubrication to the bushing in small end, instead of sending oil through the long hole inside the rod from the large end, TOMEI assembled a tapered oil hole at the top of the small end so that the oil will drip during the piston’s compressing cycle. This way the strength of the rod won’t be sacrificed.