Brian Crower Valve Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers 2JZGTE 9000 RPM PROVEN
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Brian Crower Valve Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers 2JZGTE 9000 RPM PROVEN
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These BC valve spring kits are a great solution for 2JZGTE owners wanting to run higher lift cams. We have customers successfully running these up to 9,000 rpm's in a drag race environment.

Great for street cars with a reliable 8,500 rpm range (9000 for hard core racers). No binding in the higher rpm range like factory valve springs. Let's face it, if you're upgrading to a higher lift camshaft from HKS, GSC, Titan, BC, Kelford or others, then you need to make a spring change.

Your engine is at least 15 years old and those factory springs have to go. BC built in America using Titanium for the retainers and state-of-the-art higher rpm tested steel for the single springs. This is a complete set for the head.

We offer these kits at a very fair price and it includes all springs and Titanium retainers. Sold as a complete kit of springs and retainers.

Designed for high rpm, BC valve springs are wound from only the highest grade, super clean, chrome silicone alloy and feature proprietary processing procedures for consistent pressures. BC titanium retainers are CNC machined from 6AL4V round bar titanium to exacting tolerances.

If you're changing out your valve stem seals to eliminate that blue puff of early morning smoke, you might as well make this change at the same time. This is a great upgrade while doing your valve stem seal replacement!!

Specifications for springs: 1.325" @ 85 lbs / Open: 0.980" @ 170 lbs / Coil Bind: 0.860"