Cusco Style Catch Can Toyota Supra

Cusco Style Catch Can Toyota Supra
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Cusco Style Catch Can Toyota Supra
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The Cusco style Catch Can is the original aluminum catch can that all of us Supra owners used. It was out of production for a bit, but is back again and available at!

It is a complete kit with all fittings and a slick slide in mounting bracket. High quality, looks amazing in high polished aluminum, and easy to fit in most any location in the car. Really stands out in the engine bay; and it works well too!

Holds 550ml (9 ounces) and is designed to help catch any oil or fuel vapor working it's way through the crankcase vent system. Absolutely necessary for those running upgraded turbo(s)!

Package Includes:

One Cusco type oil catch tank can

One Hose - 9mm diameter

One Mounting Bracket

One Pack of Hardware Accessories - bolt & nuts, hose clamps

Instruction Manual