NO LONGER AVAILABLE Swift Racing GS400/430 High Flow Intake & Level 2 ECU Package

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Swift Racing GS400/430 High Flow Intake & Level 2 ECU Package
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE Swift Racing GS400/430 High Flow Intake & Level 2 ECU Package
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Unfortunately, all SRT parts are discontinued. Check with us in the future as we design replacement parts for 2JZ-GE, 2JZ-GTE, and the various UZ V8 engines!

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From the leaders in Lexus after-market equipment comes the Swift-Racing Lexus GS400/430 Level 2 ECU + High Flow Intake (HFI) System. This high quality kit from the leaders in Lexus performance opens up the incredibly restrictive air intake system with a meticulously designed system. This system has outstanding fit and finish which is expected by Lexus owners and wakes up the normally mild mannered Toyota tuned V8. Most intake systems don't address the issue of air/fuel mixtures and allow the factory ECU to attempt to make any additional changes. The problem with mass air related systems such as those used on the Lexus are that the computer only compensates to a certain pre-defined MAP that exists on the factory ECU. Swift-Racing has overcome this limitation and inclusive in this system is an ECU daughter board which is fitted and allows a readjustment to optimize the air fuel ratios and to create SAFE horsepower and torque gains. The only changes made by the daughter board ECU are for re-mapping the air/fuel ratios for the added air flow with the Swift intake. A whopping 28-30 hp and 38-42 ft.lbs of torque is the result!!! Not to mention the great V8 sound you get from a non-restrictive 100,000 mile PowerFlow Filter.

The High Flow Intake system adjusts the air-fuel ratio to optimal settings in conjunction with a high flow Intake system. The stock intake system from Lexus has deficiencies in supplying air needed by the engine. This is the first ever High Flow Air Intake for the Lexus GS400/430. This system helps the engine breath much better and gives the car quicker acceleration and much crisper throttle response throughout the entire RPM range. It uses 3.5" mandrel bent steel pipes and 5061 aluminum heat shield, enamel coated and uses a 5" conical AFE lifetime air filter. It also includes an ECU that recalibrates the air-fuel ratios for optimal performance and enhanced fuel economy.

Installation is a snap and detailed instructions along with photo's make this a 90-120 minute install. I am like you, and don't fit products to my Lexus that will compromise the reliability, looks, fit and finish and performance. The pictures are from a 2000 GS400 which sat next to our 800 HP Toyota Supra, so we know what performance is all about. This product flat out works, period!!