HKS Cam Gears

HKS Cam Gears
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HKS Cam Gears
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** Price is for one (1) cam gear so if you want both an intake and exhaust make sure you order a quantity of two **

HKS cam gears at a great price, and no, there is only one color available (anodized purple and bad-ass looking)

Adjustable cam timing to maximize performance. Indexed in 1� increments, +/- 10�. Lighter than OEM. CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum billet. Super-hard anodized timing belt ring. Price is for one (1) cam gear and includes our tuning instructions to get you the maximum power!!!!

Tuning: To gain ultimate power one should tune on a chassis dyno. However, we have found that setting the exhaust cam gear to +1.5 marks on the cam gear (+3 actual degrees)and -0.5 mark (-1 degrees) on the intake side will yield 5-7rwhp+.