JDM Insider DVD * Free Shipping *

JDM Insider DVD * Free Shipping *
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JDM Insider DVD * Free Shipping *
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This is one hot DVD!!! We prescreen our DVD's at Titan and this is one of the best DVD's out right now. Why? It has exclusive shots from Tokyo Auto Salon that many of us never get to see, the footage is excellent. Then they go and visit multiple tuner shops like C-West, DRFT, Toyota Showcase. Then they go to the race tracks and show cars that run in various Japanese series with technical interviews with the drivers. What else could they include, they put in a bunch of street footage of drifting on the streets. This isn't one of those DVD's with only 20-30 min of footage its jam packaged with hours of Great footage.

If you choose to buy 1 DVD this should be it.