Lexus Style AFM 7MGTE Supra - Larger AFM MK3 Supra

Lexus Style AFM 7MGTE Supra - Larger AFM MK3 Supra
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Lexus Style AFM 7MGTE Supra - Larger AFM MK3 Supra
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Are you having problems tuning your 7MGTE engine with larger injectors and add-on's? The standard fix for this was the old Lexus V8 Air Fuel Meter that bolted in place of your existing factory unit.

Our unit is a replacement version, so you don't have to scour the internet and junkyard for a $150 used part, that may or may not work.

This is a LEXUS-V8-AFM Replacement Part that fits for 1987 to 1992 Supra Turbo owners. The unit has the same dimensions as the LEX-AFM. This unit does not always come with the black-box sensor or the inlet honeycomb screen. You will reuse those from your stock AFM, they are a direct fit, very simple. Just like the LEX-AFM, this unit will let any brand-name 7MGTE aftermarket air-filter kit bolt right onto the AFM, just as the stock unit. You must tune your fuel delivery to match the increased air-flow of this unit. If you place this into a stock system, you'll run a lean combustion and damage your engine. The most popular matching upgrade for this are 550 injectors and a fuel-curve tuner like the APEXI NEO or similar.

Supports air flow calculations up to 400hp using the factory computer.

This upgrade is ONLY for those running larger injectors and those familiar with tuning turbo cars.