US SPEC Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Brake Package 1993-1998 Supra

US SPEC Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Brake Package 1993-1998 Supra
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US SPEC Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Brake Package 1993-1998 Supra

US SPEC Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Brake Package 1993-1998 Supra
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One of the most asked for packages here in our brake department is for those owners who want to upgrade to genuine Toyota factory USA specification front brakes from the 1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo! (talk about a run-on sentence!). Please read thoroughly below for exact details.

One of the best factory brake set-ups ever! The HUGE Supra front disk brake with the 4 caliper stoppers was Motor Trends magazines all-time stopper for years. Don't ask me how I know for a FACT that Supra Twin-Turbo brakes out-brake Porsche 993TT's!!

If you own a 1993-1998 Supra Non-Turbo or Twin-Turbo and do not have USA specification twin turbo front brakes, this is the kit for you. The JDM twin-turbo Supra's have much smaller front brakes then the USA Specification and this kit is a 100% bolt-on application with no welding, cutting, fabrication required.

If you have a non-turbo Supra you know how poor those front brakes are, especially if you have gone with a turbo upgrade kit. This package from also includes the factory Toyota Brake Fitment kit, which is 100% required if you are converting Non-Turbo or Non-USA Spec Twin Turbo Supra's to USA spec.

We use a 'proven' aftermarket high quality performance rotor assembly that is used in 100's of Supra's and has shown themselves to be of a very high quality.

This kit is built with a combination of genuine Toyota components and top-quality spec'd parts and includes:

(2) Supra Twin Turbo Front Rotors (regular, cross drilled or slotted)

(2) Supra Twin Turbo Calipers (genuine Toyota)

(4) Front Pads (both sides)

(1) Set Stainless Braided Lines (enough for both wheels)

(1) One complete brake fitment kit (shims, pad kit components)

The kit bolts directly to the following vehicles:

1993-1998 Toyota Supra Non-Turbo (all world versions)

1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo (all world versions)

1998-2002 Lexus GS300/400 with only a minor modification to your dust shield being required. In all actuality we just bend the shield back from the caliper when we do the install, or remove it completely.

Note: Since these brakes are considerably larger than those offered on the Lexus GS Series (Aristo) you will need 17" or larger front wheels with the Supra TT fitment to clear the calipers.

If you live outside the USA, we have an International purchase link below, which includes all of these components plus freight to many nations in the world (UK, Australia, much of Europe). When ordering the international kit online, please note that if there is an additional freight charge for your particular city, we will advise of the added freight costs before we process your credit card.

Color of brake calipers: Toyota only produces one color and that is the dark color, which is pictured in a secondary photo (below). The photo of the red calipers is one painted by a customer and is for reference only.