Meziere Water Pump Electric Toyota 93-98 Supra Turbo (2JZ)
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Meziere Water Pump Electric Toyota 93-98 Supra Turbo (2JZ)

Meziere Water Pump Electric Toyota 93-98 Supra Turbo (2JZ)
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Available as two versions:
35 gpm is usually enough for most applications, but if you need maximum coolant flow, especially if you have a remote radiator, you will want to opt for the 50 gallon per minute version! Please note the 50 gpm version does not have an idler pulley for the serpentine belt.


• Hard anodized finish

• Low amp draw

• Frees over 10 rear wheel HP

• Improves low speed cooling

• Quick cool-down


The Toyota Supra model is one of our new Bolt-On electric water pumps. The idler pulley allows the use of the factory or aftermarket accessories. Installation is nearly identical to that of the factory water pump and advanced technical knowledge is necessary. The mechanically driven fan is eliminated and requires an electric fan be installed.

An incredible 2400 hour lifespan makes these absolutely suitable for street cars as well, which was the original design intent.

Meziere has been producing electric water pumps for street cars since 1996 and they are in common every day usage in both domestic and sport compact cars.

Concerning 1JZ fitment: we have made this work on our 1JZ race car, but be prepared to trim part of the serpentine belt tensioner, as the deck height is different between the 1JZ and 2JZ engines. It can work and is mostly a bolt on ordeal, but expect some work and effort to get it on all the way and the belt tensioner working.

The 55 gallon per minute version does not have the idler pulley so a custom belt fitment is needed.