NO LONGER AVAILABLE MkIV Supra GReddy 3 Row FMIC Intercooler Kit

NO LONGER AVAILABLE MkIV Supra GReddy 3 Row FMIC Intercooler Kit
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE MkIV Supra GReddy 3 Row FMIC Intercooler Kit

NO LONGER AVAILABLE MkIV Supra GReddy 3 Row FMIC Intercooler Kit
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Believe it or not, we still sometimes have these. You're better off getting an ETS FMIC, but if you absolutely want to have the GReddy name, please check with us for availability and price before ordering

APPLICATION: 1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo

Question: I am running the factory twin turbos at present and am running 18psi, but I want to upgrade to a single turbo in the future, can I use this intercooler for single turbos as well?

Answer: Excellent question, and one we get often here at There is a bit of a misconception on this particular GReddy front mount intercooler (fmic), that I need to clear up for our readers and customers. The text on this intercooler reads "stock twin routing", which means this front mount intercooler utilizes the factory intercooler piping routing, so that it will hook up directly to your factory set-up (turbos). This does NOT mean that this intercooler is too small for single turbo upgraded cars, it simply means the routing used for the intercooler piping is the same as the factory set-up. This fmic is suitable for turbo's up to a T66 and is a DIRECT fit for those running the RPS set-up on their cars.

One thing you don't want to do is put up so many products, that shopping here becomes like a kid in a candy-shop. You may spend your rent, mortgage, alimony, here before a blink of an eye. But you know what? You only live once people!! It took me 37 years to figure that out, so if you are a youngster don't ever forget that sage advice. Okay. You asked for it, gives it to you. The best FMIC money can buy, GReddy. Includes the relocation kits for the power steering unit and the overflow tank and all polished intercooler piping and main core!!!!

Why a FMIC? Well, there was a decent article in Import Tuner a while back that explains it rather simply and effectively. Turbo car owners and especially MK4 Supra owners can turn up the boost rather easily in our cars. The stock intercooler does a decent job with even moderate boost increases. There are some trade offs and possible down sides with increasing the boost in any car. What sacrifices are made when turning up the boost? First, when boost pressure is raised the compressor (turbo) output charge temperature (temp. coming out of turbo) increases, this is a fact. These higher charge temperatures can lead to detonation and in a worst case scenario serious engine damage. Intercooling decreases the chance of detonation by lowering the air intake temperature. With a smaller chance of detonation, engine reliability is improved. From a power production stand point, the higher the charge air temperatures associated with higher boost levels have an adverse effect on air density. As a rule of thumb, every 11- degree (F) drop in charge temperature results in an air density increase that allows for a one-percent increase in gross power output. Likewise, an 11-degree (F) increase in charge temperature can reduce power output by about one percent. Thus, the importance of intercooling for maximizing reliability and power is obvious. If you run your car hard, especially on higher speed runs and live in a warmer climate I would recommend a FMIC. If you have a single turbo or race your vehicle in road racing or auto-x, once again this is a good choice.