NGK PowerdexAFX Wideband

NGK PowerdexAFX Wideband
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NGK PowerdexAFX Wideband
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NGK Powerdex AFX Features: The AFX measures and displays air-fuel ratio (AFR) from 9.00 to 16.00. It demonstrates superb response and accuracy within 0.1 AFR. The air-fuel ratio information can then be utilized by the user to make fuel delivery adjustments to the vehicle’s carburetor, mechanical fuel injection, or programmable electronic fuel injection system. The desired air-fuel ratio can be achieved depending on the performance requirements of the engine or race application. This is an exceptionally useful tool for carbureted engines, where there is a lot of freedom in tuning as well as a great need for proper adjustment. NGK Powerdex AFX Includes:

AFX Controller/Digital Display Unit 13 Feet Wiring Harness Wideband Oxeygen Sensor Exhaust Boss and Plug Installation Instructions Comprehensive AFR Tuning Manual