PHR PowerHouse Racing Vacuum Distribution Plenum

PHR PowerHouse Racing Vacuum Distribution Plenum
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PHR PowerHouse Racing Vacuum Distribution Plenum
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Anyone that has ever tried to connect a boost gauge, electronic boost controller, fuel controller, fuel pressure regulator, blow off valve, and TPS sensor to the intake plenum knows all to well the mess of hoses and tees and connections going everywhere from a single source.

Well, PHR had enough also, so they designed the VDP (Vacuum Distribution Plenum) to simplify hose routing. Now, a single 6mm hose connection to the intake plenum gives you 6 hose connections, enough to run any combination of sensors, gauges, and components. What's more, the hose barb connections are universal 1/8" NPT and can be removed and replaced with AN fittings for completely secure hose connections in race applications!

Mounting provisions are universal, with two 3/8-16 tapped bolt holes in the rear for mounting to any bracket, firewall, or as desired in any position. Anodized red with the PHR logo, and fittings are included.