ProSeries Stage 2 Divided 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit 705-985HP Supra - Precision 6266 CEA, 6766 CEA, 7175 CEA TIAL, Titan * Free Shipping!

ProSeries Stage 2 Divided 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit 705-985HP Supra - Precision 6266 CEA, 6766 CEA, 7175 CEA TIAL, Titan * Free Shipping!
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ProSeries Stage 2 Divided 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit 705-985HP Supra - Precision 6266 CEA, 6766 CEA, 7175 CEA TIAL, Titan * Free Shipping!

ProSeries Stage 2 Divided 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit 705-985HP Supra - Precision 6266 CEA, 6766 CEA, 7175 CEA TIAL, Titan * Free Shipping!
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ProSeries turbo kits are available in various configurations and also are designed around our amazing ProSeries manifold configurations: Divided Manifold, Un-Divided Manifold, Twin Scroll Manifold (dual-gate), Quick Spool Valve Manifold & T6 Manifold.

We looked at anything and everything from old school Japanese kits (outdated, horrible spooling turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (some name brands and over-priced!) and were not satisfied, so we built our own kit.

It has our specifications, Precision Turbos, TiAL or Precision Wastegates, SS ProSeries 304SS Turbo Manifold, SupraSTore down pipes, and Titan Oil Feed/Drain Set-Up Kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. 600-900+ HP, good spool and daily driver characteristics with a kick-butt mid and top end with an S Ported Compressor Cover, Twin Scroll Turbo mounted on a Divided T4 Manifold.

We use the best products, make as much usable power as possible, and offer the lowest cost. Drives as well (if not better than) stock, except it rips off 24psi of boost by 4000 rpms!

On the 6266 on gas (petrol), with 264 degree intake and exhaust cams, well tuned 6 speed Supra owners are making 750+ RWHP on this, which is well over 800+ at the crank! 6766 owners with 272 or similar cams are making 800+ RWHP. The 7175 CEA turbo will make 850+ RWHP with GSC Stage 2 cams and a great tuner. All HP figures are using high octane fuel to support anti-detonation. These are all GREAT E85 turbos as well!

The kit utilizes the ProSeries in-house developed 304 stainless steel T4 turbo manifold. This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jig formed ProSeries design and comes with the wastegate flange pre-welded and ready to bolt on the TiAL or Precision 44/46mm gate, your choice and included!

While we prefer (ever so slightly) Precision Turbo Gates, the choice between TiAL and Precision is a NO-LOSE for you. Both hold boost control outstandingly well.

We worked together with our turbo masters at Precision Turbo (USA designed and built) and our 15 years of 2JZ experience to recommend this spec this street/race turbo, from a world-class manufacturer. We consider this 62mm and the 67mm turbos to be the ultimate fast street/track car turbos. We are always using the latest Billet CEA turbos from Precision. In this case the 6266, 6766 & 7175 CEA Billets, which make another 30 HP, from wheel designs alone.

Precision Turbos are powering many of the worlds' fastest Supra's and other cars, and is manufactured in the USA.

* ProSeries Stage 2 Kit is also designed as a daily driver that spools at 3,600-3,850 RPM) Single Turbo Upgrade *

With this kit, you will receive:

(1) ProSeries Tubular Divided T4 304SS Stainless Turbo Manifold

(1) Wastegate Flange Pre-Welded to Manifold

(1) Precision Turbo 6266 S-Ported, 62mm V-Band 360 degree thrust bearing Turbocharger, optional Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing, Precision Turbo 6766 S-Ported, 67mm 360 degree thrust bearing turbocharger or optional Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing, or a Precision 7175 CEA 71mm turbo.

(1) TiAL or Precision 44/46mm Waste Gate V-Band

(1) SS 700 Blow Off Valve (TiAL or HKS Replica) or Genuine BOV

(1) Titan Oil Feed & Return Set-Up Kit

(1) Direct Fit Conical Air Filter

Please note that our new kit has the SupraStore stainless-steel 3" diameter, V-band down pipe as an option. You can also select to upgrade to the 4 inch version as well in the drop down menu, and ceramic coating to keep the heat in the exhaust tubing where it belongs, and not in your engine bay.

As with all single turbo kits, you will need a midpipe (after down pipe) to connect to your exhaust and one intercooler tube to go from turbo to your current intercooler.

Turbo Specs - Precision Turbo 62mm and 67mm are nearly identical except compressor wheel size. 7175 CEA uses similar technology with a larger 71mm wheel, and a larger turbine.

Exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging

• Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance

• 62mm inducer compressor wheel

• Compressor

- "Ported S" compressor cover 4.0" inlet/2.5" outlet

• 65mm, 76 trim turbine wheel

• Turbine housing options:

- T4 Divided .84, 1.0, 1.15, or 1.32 A/R with 3 5/8" V-Band discharge

• Available with either a Hydrodynamic 360° thrust bearing system, or an Air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)

Note: We can supply almost any turbo with our kits, so if you have a strong preference, let us know. We sell Borg Warner, COMP, Garrett, PHR, Boost Lab, Turbonetics turbos, etc.

Please contact us if you'd like to upgrade to a quick spool valve equipped kit!