Redline Water Wetter Toyota Supra

Redline Water Wetter Toyota Supra
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Redline Water Wetter Toyota Supra
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We use and recommend Redline Water Wetter for every Toyota Supra, stock to 1500hp.

Red Line WaterWetter is designed to provide improved metal wetting and excellent corrosion inhibition when added to plain water or a glycol coolant. The most poorly maintained system in an automobile is usually the cooling system. Maintenance is quite simple and only required once each year, but most vehicle owners never routinely change the coolant, or replenish the corrosion inhibitors which are required for trouble-free operation. Proper cooling system maintenance is very critical for most modern engines which utilize more aluminum. In racing applications, the use of water and WaterWetter will enable the use of smaller radiator systems, which means less frontal drag, and it will also reduce cylinder head temperatures; even when compared to water alone, which means more spark advance may be used to improve engine torque.

WaterWetter is a unique wetting agent for cooling systems which reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30˚F. This liquid product can be used to provide rust and corrosion protection in plain water for racing engines, which provides much better heat transfer properties than glycol-based antifreeze. Or it can be added to new or used antifreeze to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems. Designed for modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze systems. Compatible with all antifreezes, including the latest long-life variations.

You will receive one (1) 12 ounce bottle.